Saturday, April 12, 2014

K Is The Eleventh Letter In The Alphabet

Editor Note... If your looking for the photohunt it will be below for the month of April. I'm taking part in A TO Z CHALLENGE 

BATMAN was on the Television and I was a batman fan. The one that Adam West and Burt Ward star in. I got my hand on anything batman related.
I even had a bat kite. Not sure what it look like to be honest with you. Oh I know it was black and had eyes looking down at you.
So my dad, Harold (Pete) help me but it together. My mom Myra found some old rags made from towels for the tail. Never could figure out why a kite need a tail. After the kite was assembled my dad and I went out in field across the street. He held the kite as I ran and up went my bat kite.
I was really impress watching those bat eyes looking down on me.
My dad told me about his BOX KITE when he was young. He told me some people had pretty fancy box kite. But his was pretty plain. I've never seen a real box kite, let lone fly one.
Every Easter I got my sons there Kites and some time other kids kites.

Now I can see were a kite would burn a few calories

K is for Kite.

Stop in Monday and see what start with the letter “L”

I'm clueless or I don't want to remember how I got this Ginormous load of dishes. I must of bake something. Hubby don't bake. But he does cook.
Dishes are usual done on daily bases. I wouldn't say there done a 100% of the time, once day. But I would say our dishes are done daily at 96% of the time.
My son Bart gave me this necklace and ear rings for Christmas. I have a hunch his girl friend Diane picked it out.
The stone is actual  SEA SEDIMENT JASPER When I first saw it I thought it was turquoise stone, I was wrong.
One thing I need to do is get my ears re-punched. I let my holes close shut.

Next weekend photo hunt themes will be INDIGO and or STILL LIFE

Coffee is on


  1. Truly enjoyed reading about the kite! This post put a smile on my face this morning, thank you.

  2. Great post, second I read on kites today, but very different.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Silvia @

  3. Love the turquoise stones !

  4. Those jasper stones are lovely. I thought they were turquoise too. Love that vivid blue.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  5. Anonymous11:47 AM

    We're having kite-flying weather right now, and you've inspired my humans! By the way, I think your kitchen dishes are a true sign of a happy house. :-)

  6. I never know why I have ginormous amounts of dishes. The stone necklace and earrings are beautiful.


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