Wednesday, April 09, 2014

H Is The Eighth Letter In The Alphabet.

I often wonder about who don't have any humor to there life. There sucking on lemons.

Three priest was standing by the pearly gates waiting for Saint Peter to let them in to Heaven. Saint Peter ask the first priest “have you every fooled around with a girl” the first priest replied “No” so for being such a good man and leaving those nasty women a lone. He got him self a new Cadillac to drive in heaven.
Now it was the second priest turn to be let into heaven. Saint Peter ask him the same question “Have you every fooled around with a woman” The priest said shyly “Well once during my High School prom, I felt under her dress”
Saint Peter told the second priest “oh that back in high school so you get a dodge to drive around in heaven.
So now it was the third priest and Saint Setter ask the priest “Have you every fooled around with a woman” The priest replied “Hell yes got all the ass I could get. Some time after Sunday masses I would diddle two or three of the ladies” Saint Peter looked at him and said “That's not very becoming of priest but since you are honest. I'll let you in heaven with a beat up ole clunker”
All the priest was up in heaven driving around.
The first priest who receive the Cadillac was laying on fluffy white cloud just rolling around laughing un-controllable.
So the third priest who drove the clunker pulled beside the first priest and ask him what so funny.
The first priest answered “The pope just past me a pogo stick”

H is for humor

Stop by tomorrow and see what start with the letter “I”

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