Monday, April 07, 2014

F Is The Six Letter In The Alphabet.

I made some apple fritters and I was wondering were the word FRITTER came from. I then want to know how other places made fritter. Looks like every country has there own version.
I decided to see what kind of fritters these places do PARAGUAYFRANCE , MOROCCO Bet if you put google search for “Lamb Fritters” you should get a HIT 
Both Murphy and I like apple fritters, at time we will get one out of the bakery. A short time ago I was watching COOKS COUNTRY and they were doing APPLE FRITTERWhich look easy enough to do.
I like the ideal of getting the moister out of the apples. I use two paper towels one on bottom place my apples on one paper towel, cover with other and gentle press down.
Then I place the apples in the bowl of flour. Which also had my dry seasoning.

I did some minor change in the recipe. I didn't have granny smith apples. Not sure what kind I use we picked up bag of apples and I took two out and use them.
Were it says ¾ cup of apple cider. I took about ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and ½ cup of water. I thought the glaze is little much and been trying to watch what I eat.
The most difficult part of this recipes is getting the batter to be come more flat. It wasn't doughy inside.

F is for Fritter

Stop by tomorrow and see what start with letter "G"

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  1. F..

    Fritter isn't the first word that came to my mind. LOL

  2. Ah, your fritters look great! Visiting from A to Z Challenge. Isn't this fun?

  3. Bill I can think of lot of word start with the letter F..Now some of the letters I'm isn't so easy like the letter K.

    Coffee is on

  4. Hi Dora - loving your blog. Found you through the A to Z Challenge. Your Poe quote made me smile - might put that up in my special needs room!


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