Friday, April 04, 2014

D Is The Fourth Letter in Alphabet

Dirt fill my spirit. I actual love getting my hands in earth soil. To turn to shake. Place a seed or plant or so. Watch every inch of good soil and see how it gives us life.

We winter over our leeks buried them deeply in dirt. They did make it though the winter. As winter goes it was pretty mild.

Every heard the expression “older then dirt” Lot of time “in home care” we will a fer someone old as dirt when they are hitting mid ninety and older.

Now we all can debate the age of DIRT 

 My mom was a wise physiologist. With no fancy degrees. One of her saying was “The dirt you can wash away will never warm you the dirt that you can't wash will do you warm.

The dirt that is stuck on your spirit will do you more warm then you can even imagine. 

Dirt under my fingers nail has never give me the willies. I could knead soil as one does bread

  Not sure what popping up here. It in my “royal sunshine flower bed” plenty of things are showing though the dirt.
Looking forward to beautiful blooms, veggies, and fruit.

D is for Dirt

Stop by tomorrow to see what start with letter “E”

Coffee is on  


  1. I am sort of anxious to play in the dirt a little. I have a small plot in front of my apartment, so I have to be very creative with it. Looking forward to being able to plant some flowers or containers out there again this year.

  2. Anonymous8:33 AM

    I have a toddler so dirt is like a major part of my life...loved the way you write :)

    Visiting from My School Of Thought

  3. I am older than dirt, but I'm older than the planets.

  4. Forget the dirt,let's talk about coffee!

  5. When i was a kid i've been playing dirt during rainy days! never forgot those memories with friends.. That might a tough day.

  6. Oh I agree. So much easier to wash off the outer dirt, isn't it, Dora?
    Great post.

  7. There's nothing wrong with playing in the dirt! :)


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