Saturday, March 01, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Boogie-Steps)

This little guy Brutus is scared of the Boogie (boggy) man. When his master leaves but I usual speak of his master as his daddy.
He sits by the door and just balls like a baby. One day his daddy had to leave early in the morning and went on job, about four in morning. Pour little Brutus crawl in bed with his mommie (master wife).and also crawled under the covers because he thought the Boogie man was going to get him

I don't know how long the Boogie man been around. I recall older kids telling me that the boogy man is out an about. Anyhow I've always thought the guy who does the “Jack and in Box” ads, would look like the Boogie man

In my neck of the woods. There is not a lot of steps. Total steps we have 38 in our home. Two set of thirteen going into our basement. One of the kitchen and the other one from outside. Then there three more steps leading to the side door, front door, and back slider.
I like older homes with big ole porches and few steps leading up to the front door. Older I get the less, I want to deal with steps.

Next weekend Photo Hunt will be Bad Weather and or Colors


  1. Nice take for this weeks theme. When I was young I had my fair share of the boogie man too.

  2. I really don't remember the boogy man growing up I was scared of the bats, we used to have bats in our attic and once in awhile one would get loose and fly around the upstairs and once one flew right over my bed I was in hysterics

  3. Brutus is adorable! And I agree, fewer steps are better for us older folks. :)

  4. You have now given me images of a boogieing bogeyman! ;b

    BTW, new blog! I'm glad I tried all the blog links in your Blogger Profile and found you!

  5. Good for your legs if you don't have too many steps !

  6. butus is a cool looking dude. i'm pretty sure he could show the boogie man where the bear shit in the bucket if the need arose.

  7. Brutus is my client dog and he glad I show up and so I can throw his plastic news paper.

    I been doing the tread mill since the weather is crappy. Got a picture of bad weather for next weekend photo hunt.
    Need to finish up some ceramic pieces for color, for the other side of photo hunt

    Coffee is on


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