Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Three Types Of Rub A Dub Dub

Some how I can't get any of my resent photos to come off my card to the computer. I just put in spybot and malware protection device. Well in nut shell I should of chosen A but I chosen B..Wrong answer.
I want to show our drainage troubles in North Idaho.

A lot of people here when snow melts it seem like a lot people have drainage troubles. Let just there no rocks in our yard unless it was haul here. So the ground get saturated and one dealing with mud and mud. No end to it.
We been having our drains fill up and back flowing into our basement. So we have to be careful how much water we put down in drain.

So Monday I took our laundry to the laundromat, did up 3 loads of clothing. Cost $2.25 a loud. But came home and used the dryer.

Compare to what I had to deal and others with drainage issue here. It's a big improvement. The yard around the place slopped toward the place.
So Murphy and I hauled fill and re-slopped away from the house.
Statement time...I sure don't want to always dealing with drainage issues.
Until the drainage issue is fix. There no way we could every finish off the basement.
Opinion time...I think most people toss to much water down the drains and the gray water could be recycled.
I would like to use my GREY WATER to water my gardens with. The only issue I see when winter came then where would gray-water go.

Even with out a full fledged shower we kept our self clean. In this situation one can fine a way to wash up.
Spit bath. No you don't spit on your self. One wet wash wash cloth with soap and water wash down. Then take anther wet cloth wash off the soap.
Next type of bath is a sponge bath which I call a whores bath. You get bucket of water and start washing your self down.
Well the other day I took a high class whore bath. Got a bucket of water not filled, wash my body down. Even washed my hair. Then turn on shower so I could rinse off and caught the remaining water in a bucket.
Dried off and got something on and took the water and tossed it out in yard.

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  1. I will be using a whole-house grey water system at my new place. I, fortunately, have a place where the house will sit up above the area where the gardens will be. This is perfect for letting gravity do the majority of the work watering my gardens. Drainage was an issue at my cabin up north. It caused significant structural damage to my place. Not fun.

  2. Yikes! Sometimes it is nice not being a homeowner as I don't have to worry about things like drainage. But mostly, I envy homeowners!

    Visiting from the A to Z :)

  3. This system I've never heard of...but sounds promising and hope it works.

  4. Strange that you can't download picture to your computer, but you replaced them very nicely, lol !

  5. Oh dear, your drainage problem sounds bad. Glad I don't have such problems, I can imagine the inconvenience.

  6. Hopefully you will get the drainage problems sorted out.

    I think the sometimes people take clean fresh water for granted and can be a bit wasteful.


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