Friday, March 07, 2014

One Can Fine Some Reason To Have A Celebration

Very Important and I didn't have time to plan for it. The 5th of March was National ABSINTHE day. Question time.. Did any you miss it? Sound pretty high class stuff. Personal I don't know anyone who drinks it.
The 3 main ingredients don't sound hard to get. I know you can grow anise and fennel here. Not sure about wood worm.
I just might add MAKING absinthe to my bucket list. Sound like quite a bit of work to BREW up a batch.

Before I get carried away I should just stop in at local liquor store and pick up a bottle of it.

Little less in week will be March 13. My dad was born on that day. One thing it also NATIONAL COCONUT TORTE DAY 
Making a torte is on my bucket list. Question time..Do you think I'd be stepping out of line of making a torte not using coconut?
When I was young I had hand muffs and ear muffs. The 13th is ear MUFF day Opinion time I know I would of made muff day in January instead of March
If only I known on the 13th I should of gotten some Jewelry. It never to late to celebrate NATIONAL JEWELRY DAY Confession time...I have a hang up on jewelry.
POP CORN day wouldn't be anything special. Murphy and I in the evening eats plain air pop corn. No butter or salt. Maybe for that day we can add some paza.

Yesterday Murphy and I went out to the GAME REFUGE Editor Note..There wasn't hardly any snow at the game reserve.
 Took a short WALK. Didn't see the owl. First part of the walk we scared up a crane. So didn't have my camera ready and it was to far.

Both Murphy and I our parents wouldn't drive us around. Let see in grade school I walk about two blocks. When we live on Cataldo rd in Spokane Valley I went to a youth group of at the berean church behind our house. I walk and there was slim chance to none that mostly my mother was going to take me to some church.
If I want to attend a religious service. I had four choice walk, ride my bike, hitch a ride, or drive my self there and I better but fuel and little extra. Or would of heard my mom make some nasty comment about bull crap of religion.
Once we move to Otis Orchard my day going to the youth group at Berean church was over.

Middle school or Jr high was about a mile walk. Weather didn't make one bit of difference.

9th grade is when we move out to Otis Orchards. Then I walk to the bus stop which was about quarter to half a mile.
I remember watching some talk show kids had there parents drive across the street. The street wasn't busy. No wonder we a bunch fatties.

This is the end of our walk about a quarter of mile. Maybe a little short of that. It was pretty windy. Your looking East as you can see the trees are still bare.

Half way back I ask Murphy to take a picture of me. “Don't have my Sunday best one” one don't need to worry about fashion.
Looking up North thought the kooteni valley.

Nice day to celebrate even with nice hot cup of coffee even a little spiked.

Coffee is on


  1. It is too much work to make any kind of booze, I just buy it.

    Was pretty decent here today, went without a coat for a while.

  2. I heard absinthe is pretty nasty tasting.

  3. Envy the vast open space you have, it would be nice for me to have a bit more space to grow my plants.


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