Monday, March 31, 2014

Oh I Wish I Could Choose My Family Members

The Three of us got the invitation ready for the McCalmant Reunion in July
It going to be once again down at pond. It hard to fine place to host up to possible 125 people. But as much as my Aunt Eve drives me nuts I can complete understand why we (Jacks Hell Raiser) don't need to put it on each year.
Let someone else do some of the work.
So we got all the invites put together. I think we counted out 40 to 50 invitation will be going .

I don't know why it is. When my Aunt Eve open her mouth she drives me nuts. I don't believe she hear what comes out of her mouth. The woman is one most arrogant person I have met. Usual people mature out of there arrogance.
That Aunt of mine could drive someone to self medicate either by getting drunk or stone.

I knew we had a reunion at SAM OWEN 

I found this place called BERLIN FLATS

Coffee is on


  1. If I had to choose my family members, I would still want back my original family. They kind and caring family members.

  2. Sometimes, two people just don't 'click'. It's a pity when it's a member of your own family.
    Visiting from Blogger's Corner.

  3. Oh well, if you can't choose your family members, at least you can choose really beautiful spots to have your reunion!

  4. Sure there nice people in my family. But I have one Aunt is gets my goat.


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