Thursday, March 06, 2014

It Has To Be One Tough Bird

I don't know what Faith got. Yesterday I drove Faith to the dentist. “Crap the lady is 92 and still has her wisdom teeth” Mine was pulled out right before I turn 18.
Neither Murphy or I had any major dental problems. Murphy seems to get away with less dental work them me.
I guess living though the great depression would turn you into tough old bird.

Can't say I been getting anything accomplish. Wash the wall below my shelf in dinning room. This shelf has a bottle of water from the Atlantic ocean. Some one mail it to me from Maine I believe as they were holiday up there.
I meant them though blogs. Haven't heard from for ages. Maybe I should drop them line by the way of snail mail.
They actual lived in New Hampshire.

Just finish up four ornaments except for last sealer spray. Also start to crochet anther dish cloth. So I can mainly practice on my single and double half stitches.

Usual on Wednesday I try to get out and take walk in different area. So I can take some pictures. I was standing on the dentist porch looking north across the kootnai river and up North.
Didn't feel much like standing in rain.

With all the snow and rain is taking it away. Don't look much like spring which will be in 14 days. Notice Faith next to her home she has crocus popping up.

Coffee is on


  1. i noticed a few daffodils in my yard yesterday. i'll be planting tomatoes in a little over a month.

    life is good.

  2. We still have snow but it's melting quickly.


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