Saturday, February 22, 2014

Weekend Photo Hunt (Amber-Wrapped)

I was never real sure if amber was a COLOR I'm so thankful for google for such answer. I know some people consider the middle light in traffic light, amber or yellow. I've always use the term a “yellow light”
Now for those who have or will get hay fever. I just found out if you were amber around your neck. Guess what! You should have no issue with hay fever. What do you think of that? No more of those pills that makes you walk around in a fog.
Most rx medication comes in amber color bottle.

  thought wrap would be quite hard, not at all. When I was making cream puffs and cube of butter was sitting on counter all wrap up. It then dawn on me; that would be a fit for this week theme.
It got me wondering more about HISTORY OF BUTTER  I've seen old butter churn in books and museums. I've known people who has made there own butter and it was done in a jar with lid and shaken a long time and hard.

Let me say I thought this week theme of warp would be easier during Christmas. Actual I don't wrap that many gifts compare to others. Once in while there would be an occasion I may give a wrap gift to.

Next weekend photo hunt theme will be BOOGIE and or STEPS 

Coffee is on


  1. Recall when I was a young kid that butter came white with a little pack of food coloring you mixed into it. Or maybe it was margarine.

  2. Seems to me like it came in a container that we used for a glass after using the butter.

  3. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Super shots for for this week's theme.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Big Balls and one we call Bib got into a hell of a fight, there is a lot of fur out there. Helen said that Big Balls was getting the worse of it, he isn't afraid of anything but Bib is a bigger cat.

    There may be a new ruling pussy here.

  5. in quebec the butter and dairy industry is so powerful it's against the law to put yellow coloring in margarine. only butter can have that color.

  6. 'Amber' did take a little thinking this weekend!
    I can't wait till next weekend to see you get your boogie on ;-)

  7. 'Amber' did take a little thinking this weekend!
    I can't wait till next weekend to see you get your boogie on ;-)

  8. I would say "yellow" for the traffic light in between "red" and "green" too. Like you, amber is not a word I tend to use much!

  9. Bill I heard of a person adding coloring to margarine, personal I don't recall my mom doing it.
    Our Cat Ziggy pretty much rules but I wonder about his mental state.

    Billy..Our dairy gets big backing from our federal government. Gallon of milk is under $3.00 not sure if other dairy products is or not. I never pay over three bucks for pound of butter.

    YTSL...I know there a hair color called amber maybe I should color my hair..,just thougt

  10. When you said amber, I had to think about what color that was. It's not the way I describe any shades of yellow. Next week should be interesting. I can't wait!!

  11. Jsteck...Do you have a blog? Also amber is a stone

  12. Amber is a half precious stone I have a necklace out of it !


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