Monday, February 17, 2014

Not So Fast That I'll Get Dizzy.

I made cream puff # 83 off of bucket list. Actual there easy to do. A lot of beating of batter. A good arm and a mixer is a must.
I notice all the recipes are the same. But the filling seem to have wide choices of way of doing them. Google in cream puffs.

Watching a short you tube VIDIEO prepared me for it. Confession time...If I didn't watch the video, when add the eggs and was not prepare for egg reaction I would of toss it.
#2 of my bucket list is sort of done. Well I only know how to do one stitch when it comes to crochet.

I add four more goals to my BUCKET LIST ....#86 down load a you tube video, #87 post a you tube video on my blog...Statement time...that one might be on here below...keep your finger crossed. #88 make a you tube video and last one will be #89 learn the four basic crochet stitches.

Confession time...Not sure what I need or want to do with my blogher account. I'll figure it out anther time.

One thing I like to go is to a blogher or a blogger CONFERENCES The odds are slip to none I'll be going.

Monday evening. I'm going to adventure out and go to a twitter party. One of lady from Bloppy Bloggers. It a blogger group on facebook I joined
Sort excited but sort of scared...A least I don't have to dress up to attend.

Coffee is on  


  1. Hand over some cream puffs and no one gets hurt.

    If you drop Blogger I won't be able to follow you anymore but I will stay in touch through emails some.

  2. Blogger would be last one I give up.

  3. I didn't realise you have a bucket list. I should start one too and have fun doing the things on the list.


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