Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Just Can't Grip It.

Can't get my mouth around the ideal or thought I'll turn 54 tomorrow. 53 and 55 rolls out a lot easier when said. Shortly after I had little bit morning coffee. I told; not ask my hubby I want to be screwed some time today. “This would be my last opportunity to have sex before I turn 54” seem like strange number. 45 seem an easier number to spit out. Truth is I'm not turning 45. I'm turning 54
Clueless how sex will be once I actual turn 54. Well I'll have 365 days to let the world know if sex is any different then at 53.
So Hubby and I had our noon-er. Heck I won't be this age again, let lone have sex at that age of 53.
I sure can grip the ideal of having sex at 54. Not the number

I sat a small goal. First part of the year. To be down to 200 pounds by end of February. I thought I could loose 10 pounds in two mouths
I did get under the 210 mark.
Weigh in at T.O.P.S lost an entire pound. I been trying to keep track with fitday Question time..How many crabs does a person needs vs calorie intake?

After I got done with T.O.P.S meeting. Last week I went and talk to one of my old clients. See if she would be interested and having me back as a care giver, and she was.
So today I went in to our local food bank office to get the forms to fill out. Medicaid actual funds home care, part of health and welfare.
See the county I'm in, Boundary doesn't have a welfare office. A lease the food bank carries the forms. If they didn't carry them, one would have to call and have it sent up. The next option would drive in to next county of Bonner County.
As I was in the food bank. Hardly they every have fresh veggies. This time they had a few boxes of tomatoes and 13oz bag of baby greens. I got 5 tomatoes, bag of greens, also a bag of 7 sweet potato rolls, and killer Dave's bread.
Usual they have lot high salt, sugary foods there. Others needs it more then us. Since I was picking up a form.
Last summer we took in produce from the garden. The other day I clean under the bathroom sink and there was a full box of tampons and a quarter of box that been open.
Haven't use any female products for last three years or so.

I sign up on pintrest. Not sure what and when I'll do it. Like to connect my blog with it. But like everything on net. No big hurry.

Murphy and I will go into town. Not sure what we will have for my Birthday dinner. I am big fan of fish.
I hope to get buy the place that fixes computers and talk to them about my reader-writer.

Coffee is on


  1. happy birthday!!

    may i recommend buying some godiva chocolate coffee to celebrate the big 54.

    i'm now putting a few drops of vanilla extract in my coffee from time to time.

  2. Your 50's should be some of your best years for sex, if you are with the right partner. And your 60's should't suck either if you happen to like sex.

    Anyway, happy birthday.

  3. I hope you had a wonderful celebration of 54 years!!!

  4. Don't worry about sex and age ! I know women who are still active with 78 til 80, the others don't dare to talk about it, lol !

  5. Happy birthday and hope you had a sexciting Valentine's Day! :)


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