Sunday, February 02, 2014

January Report and Facts 2014

Still haven't purchase a thermometer yet. So no weather report in general we been having a mild winter. Actual we don't have much moister here. Some what of drouth

Made though anther month. Good ole January notice at the end the days are getting a little longer.
Complete keep track of spending for an entire month of January. One of the item on my bucket list keep track of my spending for an entire year.
Between Murphy and I, we took in $1,315.05. Spend $975.34
I'm sure not going to post every little detail, but give some little facts who receive some of our money. The electric company got $61.35 and out of that money $25 is for the monthly coop membership fee. So the electric with out the coop fee would have been $36.25
$372.43 went on food. $100 of our check went for my dental work.

  1. Got a size 5mm/h crochet hook
  2. Bought the wrong size SD card reader
  3. Bought a 32 oz peppermint white chocolate for $1.38
  4. Drove the black tail road loop for the first time
  5. Kentucky Fried Chicken food taste like a salt mine
  6. In the City limits of Bonners Ferry there 5 place to purchase food.
  7. Haven't receive my Bakers Seed Catalog
  8. No Ground Hogs or Parie Dogs here.
  9. There badger here
  10. Made Souffle
  11. My Grandmothers maiden names were Shirley and Miller
  12. Hubby Grandmothers maiden names were Altmair and Denton
  13. Been battling on my blog with malware called Conduit.
    14. Join BlogHer Not even sure what all it is.

    Coffee is on

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  1. i'm always buying those little chinese digital thermometers on ebay for 3 bucks.


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