Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Ole Switchroo Play

As Murphy was getting a hair cut and checking on our property up by the three mile area. The FFA flag some trees that needs to come down, because there to tall and in the flight path. A lease log prices are up.
But after Murphy looked over the property, he got hair cut and picked up some nutrient at Harvest.
As he was in town. I change some drawers around. Put the hot pad next to the range in kitchen. Moved the stuff like sandwich bag, foil, and etc. Also that drawers has in scissors, calculator, pens and etc, but they went into a smaller container.
Wash all the dishrags, dish clothes, and hot pad. Add ammonia as I would bleach to that load. The ammonia cuts out the grease. Kitchen has plenty of grease.

In Bonners Ferry they want to put in an drug, alcohol, mental illness center. Which would be located on Cody Street. A residence area mainly. Not sure were on Cody it will go.
The neighbor are having fits about it.
This is what concern me is there attitude “We don't want those undesirable people” Opinion time....At the corner of Vanburen and Cody is Evil-Gentility (Evangelical Church) there narrow mindedness is undesirable and so is there intolerance.

Coffee is on


  1. Its probably those people on Cody's own kids who would use the treatment center. Funny how the high and mighty never have any relatives with "issues". My high and mighty Aunt and Uncle (who think it is a sin not to get married in the Catholic church lol) own son is a major drug user. Pretty obvious from his facebook yet they deny he has any "issues" Cheers!

  2. Cheapchick..yep I have an Aunt who is high mighty blames everything on Drugs and laziness...Plus she doesn't believe in mental illness those kids needs a good hard spanking and that cure for everything.

  3. FFA? That is the Future Farmers of America, or as I'm fond of saying, The Future Fuckers of America.

    I think you must mean the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration.

  4. Bill, Once again your right.


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