Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Little Here and There

One of those day. I just feel very little ambition. It seem strange to me that I'll be leaving here at 2 in afternoon.
Faith has a 2:40 doctor appointment. Her sciatic must be giving her trouble. She hardly every talks about her aliments. Plus she calls the doctor.
I guess once you hit 91. Your entitle to some aches and pain.
Then she still mention about doing her marketing. She has a bit of stubborn streak in her. It keeps her going.

For few minutes I guess I can post about Obama state of union speech. First is way to long. I don't see much changing. He had some great ideal. What needs to change in my Opinion time...Is the income inequality...Yes we need a livable wage. My ideal would be $12.50 an hour.
I guess we all would have our ideal what a livable wage would be.
I know we mention raising the wages up to $10.10 an hour but I bet the house of Representative won't go long with it at all.

I'm at home typing this on open office. I need to run up stairs and eat my lunch. Having toast and cottage cheese with fruit. So I'll continue typing after I get back.

Yes, I'm back. Even had dinner Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato Sandwich.

Took Faith to her doctor and her sciatic is acting up. So the doctor gave some termernal and Valium. She uses a cane and this time I had to assist her a little.
Right after she got done with her doctor appointment. She went straight home and had me do her shopping for her.
She want me to come for while and do some cleaning in her home.

Strange Thing happen. As I was standing in line the pharmacy said “Medicare won't cover that medicine thinking I still worked for Ellie.
I told them no I don't.
When I came in Murphy said she called.
I told Murphy right off the bat. I wouldn't go back out there. He said “I don't blame you” The money isn't all cracked up. A shift with her your ready to go home and get messed up.
Plus I don't do all that well with drunks.
I'd give up my computer connection, turn off my power, and discontent my phone.
Personal she need some heavy duty physicist help.
If I worked for her my blog would be ending "Pour me anther drink" 

I add two more items to my bucket list. Is to make cream puffs and enclairs

Coffee is on


  1. The graphic is cute..

  2. $12.50 seems reasonable to me.

    i'll be retiring soon and if something came up i really liked, i might work for $5.00 an hour.


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