Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Don't Mind Giving My Fellow Being a Helping Hand.

I'm send off $20 to Northen lights For Qwin account. Every month I'm going to try to something for him or his sons. I know twenty don't sound like a lot but it will purchase about 285 kilo watts.
Last summer we gave food to individuals and to the food bank from our garden. We had people thought we were crazy wanting to help someone.
Confession time...I like helping and trying to improve someone life. I know I don't have much but if I can improve someone life a little bit. Well worth it

Sunday Murphy and I went to the human rights celebration here in Bonners Ferry. Every year it seem to be the same day as the play offs.
Guess what the human right task force keep saying there going to change the day. We once again make the same screw up.
It was a very good show and informative considering only 20 people showed up. Which is about average. They were 2 guess speaker one was from our local Idaho Labor and a lady who spoke on Tanf and how it's being abuse by non profits
In the nut shell their getting people to work for $2.00 an hour. Put in there time and get nothing shown they completed the requirements and is still unemployable. Each state is some what different here in Idaho one can get $200 a month from Tanf program and it doesn't matter the size of the families.
Opinion time...I know they're and will always be people who isn't motive to improve there situation and will be in need.
Still it wrong for someone to take advantage of anther person.

Also for Martin Luther king service day
The local student was trying to fill up 3 school bus of food to donate to our local food bank here.
After work I stop in at Harvest foods needed to grab a few items. There were a group of cheer leaders and they gave me a piece of paper listing some items that local food bank may need. This time the list had on non food items such as shampoo, razors, toilet paper and etc.
I got a bottle of dish washing soap, a package of three bars of dial soap, a box of cream of wheat, a bottle of cooking oil, and 2 boxes of chocolate puddings

My friend Qunella wrote this essay and I'm posting it on my blog

There will be peace on earth when individuals matter. Every person who works is worth reasonable working conditions, a living wage, and opportunities to improve their standard of living. Respecting workers rights empowers individuals, families, communities and nations. The urban and rural people who provide the worlds' goods and services are learning to work together in labor unions and trade organization to make sure they are treated fairly by national and international institutions. Families whose working members receives a livable a living wage.
Economizes grow when people have money to spend on food, clothing, home improvements and something special once in a while.
The population of a nation thrives when families are living in urban and rural communities with a stable source of income, nutritious food and clean water, medical services, and educational opportunities for children and adults.
When we value the human rights of every individual, the world will be a better place

Coffee is on


  1. There will be peace on earth when individuals matter.

    There has NEVER been peace on earth and there never will be. The best we can hope for is that our lives are rolling along okay peacefully.

  2. I agree--there will be peace on earth when individuals matter, when people learn to care about others more than they care about themselves, when people learn the true meaning of compassion.


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