Friday, January 17, 2014

Don't Know What To Put In The Blank

The other day I post on my blog about having big boobs but Mini posting on boobs
A lease she puts humor in it.

I have to say Thursday wasn't much of a day. I've struggle with depression and anxiety, nothing really bad that I can't function. Confession...I rather deal with the depression or the anxiety. The depression seem to have a stronger grip on me.
I did get some things done. Nothing big or even exciting.
Last week I picked up a job application for Huckleberry variety store in Bonners Ferry.
Actual what I would like an afternoon work on Monday and Friday. I have my one client on those days and before noon I'm done.
The part I on application I've have trouble is “Other Skills” Everyone has skills. I never know what to put down.

I shouldn't worry all that much about it. My guess it will pay $7.25 an hour or slightly higher. Idaho has the lowest wages

I've thought even stopping in at local Library an asking for a application. My friend LaWalla knows a lady who works there and she get $8.50 an hour.

Wondering why I'm willing to put up with those crappy wages. My home care company I work for a least pays $11.78 an hours.
Between Murphy social security check and me working we pull in a little over $1,100 a month. We do fine but there no room for error or mishaps in life.

My son Sawyer will soon be done with his aviation mechanical course. It unknown were he and his wife will be heading.
This my be rumors only. There an place in Sandpoint builds airplanes and they pay there mechanic only $9.70 an hour.

The cost of going to work needs to be considered and if the boss is a decent person and treats you with respect or not.


  1. "We do fine but there no room for error or mishaps in life." I so know what you mean. I got a $600 traffic ticket once. . . (went through the tail end of a yellow light; the intersection had a camera)

  2. I never really know what they are asking there either and wonder if it is a trick and something they can use against me later.

  3. Her post was cute, I walked into a VFW club one evening with a lady with small boobs and we sat at a table with my mother and grandmother and she couldn't take her eyes off my grandmother.

    All evening long she said things like, "Boy, she sure has big tits."

    Actually, some of them are too big.

  4. Whoa !!! Six hundred bucks for a yellow light?

  5. Bill..I had a cop ask me if I could afford a $150 I believe it was for speeding. I was still in city limited and it was 20 and I was going 45.

    Instead of saying yes I wish I would of said what I get for $300.

    Didn't actual got the ticket

  6. Bill..I swear there was this state trooper here and I would get pull over for the darnest things. Like not having my tabs in the right spot on my plates. I figure he just want to look down my blouse.
    He gone and I know he had to be getting enough at home, he had 7 kids and the wife seem to always be knocked up...Good Mormon family

  7. Kathy...For $7.25 or so I'm leaving it blank...If I get the job I'll catch on and if I don't they'll let me go.

  8. Sonya...Never got a ticket for going though a light...But when I was younger oh let say 16 or so I got ticket for drag racing.

  9. Drag racing, hahahaha...

    Ah, the good old days...

  10. a mechanic should make way more than $9.70 an hour.

  11. Billy P...Anyone who gets and goes to work should be making a livable wage. $9.70 an hour is plain stupid. But a person who working on airplane...I can sure see it could lead in to someone who don't get crap...It would make me think twice before going on plane who dare pay such crappy wages.


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