Sunday, January 26, 2014

Check Mate Leaving Politics Out Of It

For today I'm trying to leave out bull crap of people kind. I'll try not to have any religious or political tantrum in this post.

I can't see were great progress was made. But as usual something gets done.

This morning Murphy and I took out a fir tree in our front yard. It was interfering with a pine. Personal I would of taken out the pine. My Husband worked in the tree farms for over 20 years. I'll assume he knows what he is doing.
Ended up with a fence post.
The garden fence post needs to all be replace.

I went and checked out all the spots which we plant things. Never checked out the south side of house. Last year we repaint all the trim. But the siding on south-side needs something done. We're living in a Boise Cascade home from the 70's

All looks well in the gardens. Still lot of things are covered up. Don't see uncovering anything real soon. We still have a few mourns of snow in our yard.
I don't see anything showing in the “good will” flower bed.
Both the “hodgepodge” and “royal sunshine” flower beds there is some bulbs poking though.
Ever time I planted primroses.Usually they rot away. This time they look like they made.

Even clean out anther shelf on shed/barn. Add a few more items to yardsale I want to hold middle or end of March. Found a curtain which Murphy was glad I found but still need to locate the other.

Opinion time...I believe us human are meant to eat meat and non meat, look at our teeth. So our diet is of a Omnivore
Today, I tried a new recipe Amchoor  is something isn't found around here. So I got a fresh mango. Not on sale and paid 98¢ for it. Didn't have any yellow split peas and had green split on hand. Then the other thing I swap in recipe didn't put in fresh tomato add a pint of home can.
Question time how long should one cook things such as legumes? If any read the recipe it says soak the peas for one hour. Confession time...I soak mine over night. Then it reads to simmer it for 45 minutes. Confession time...I simmer it for all most 3 hours and I felt it wasn't done.
But it was taste. Anyhow. Hopeful we don't have to much of explosive (farts) evening.

Coffee is on


  1. This is too funny!!! Hope you guys didn't have too many farts! And that picture at the top---priceless!

  2. Hahahahaha....

    The stores here are already putting out the spring plants and garden supplies, but that doesn't mean spring is here yet, we could still get a foot of snow.

  3. What did you think of Obama’s speech? I think that monkey is a fine speaker, and a fine dreamer, and a fine bullshitter.

  4. That picture is just too funny.

    It's a shame that I don't cook. But I see my family simmer mung beans all night.

    Jan April -


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