Thursday, January 30, 2014

Change May Or Not Be All What It Cracked Up To Be

I love a challenge. I love change. I love to learn. I love to growing. Oh, by now I bet your getting tired of me tell all of you, what I love.
Now I want to let everyone of you know about an up coming challenge. The A to Z Challenge
which will happen this up coming April.
I was going to link you up to there host but it hosts. But they as most things now has a face book page

I decide to change my email address to doravandenberg21260 at yahoo dot com.
It took me a little while to get this one. I just want plain doravandenberg at yahoo dot come. I guess there anther dora vandenberg some where in galaxy.

I once quote this to Murphette...”A sign of insanity is keeping doing the samething and keep hoping for different results” she just cracked up laughing.
I usual figure it out after about 3 or less screw ups. It simple I need to do something different then what I'm doing.
She had this posted on her facebook page. “Just found out that my oldest daughter and I are losing our home and we don't even have a vehicle to live in much less move our belongings with...not having a good day.”
I'll stop in next Monday or Tuesday to see what really going on.
There a woman and man in back living in shed I know like to cause trouble. So it might not be anything.

When I was young I like to party. Confession time...I had plenty of traffic tickets.
Pretty much early in month I had to pay some ticket I have gotten. Went to clerk office and paid them. Plus my other bills. Had 20 bucks to my name.
Came out of the Spokane Court House. To my amazement I had two flat tire and 20 bucks wasn't going to fix them.
So I left it park and got on the STA
A lease I had a month bus pass.
Rest of the month I lived on Rice and Beans.
So from then on I learn not to spend my entire paycheck when it arives. Start to do my check register differently...If there a depoist of 420.13 send I record 420 and leave off the .13¢
When writing out a check for let say $130.20 I put in $130 not the .20¢
This way I'm always a head of the game.

Woke this morning and we had snow. I'm so ready to garden and check the mail box to see if any new seed catalogs was put in. No such luck.

Coffee is on


  1. Have followed you for what now, four years? Would have never suspected that you got a lot of tickets when you were younger. I was kind of wild myself when young but got damn few tickets, maybe I just got lucky.

    I'm not planting anything this year, I'm planning on taking a road trip to visit blogging friends.

  2. I did get a DWI before I was of legal drinking age but back then it was only a fifty dollar fine and didn't get put on my record cuz I paid the fine when I left the courtroom. :-)

  3. Anonymous4:11 AM

    My 20 something kiddos are learning those life lessons right now.. The bills that suddenly pop up which means luxuries fall to the way side.. There was a time when their cable would be shut off and on more times than a light switch but they're learning.. It's on more than it's off and mean mom that I am I refuse to pay their cable bill. ;)

  4. Sorry that happened to you with the car---Murphy's Law and all that. Hopefully you won't be in winter much longer and will be able to get to your garden. I live in a tropical climate so we garden all year round here. Summers get us though---so hot and the sun is so intense, it burns up all the flowers.

  5. Isn't it weird when there's another one with your name out there? I've had all kinds of problems with another Alice Audrey.

  6. BBC..No drunk driving charge for me but easily could of.
    I tried crying in front of judge but the tears wouldn't come.

    MM...This lady is pass her mid point in her 50's. I guess things aren't as bad as she thought.

    Mama...One time my hubby want to move to the southeast. Not a fan of humid weather.

    My name isn't very common. My surname is Smith.

  7. and me both. Traffic tickets that is. And, what's ironic, there must be another Hootin' Anni around blogland also, 'cause an email with hootinanni is out there!! Or so I was told.

  8. Big Opps My surname sure isn't Smith...I need to wake up and see what keys I'm pressing

  9. Memories, I learned how to drive in Northern Idaho, mostly by hot wiring cars to take for joy rides but dad also taught us a little.

    It was a small town, no cops in it.


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