Monday, December 02, 2013

Weather Report November 2013 and Other Stuff

Warmest day in November was on the 14th at 49.6 (9.7)
Coldest day in November was on the 23rd at 11.7 (-11.2)
Average high for the month of November 39.0 (3.8)
Snowfall 4.50 (11.4)
In 2013 of November days that never got above freezing was seven, but in November 2012 everyday it got above freezing.

Ten facts of what went on from past. May all not be in November.
  1. First snow came on November 3rd
  2. Toward end of November the sun comes up around 7:40 AM
  3. Flock Grey Jay showed up also end of the month.
  4. First street I lived on that I remember was Cataldo
  5. Because of the card machine at two of stores been compromise. I end up writing paper checks and I don't recall when last time I wrote a paper check.
  6. Two of my relative died this month, Aunt and Cousin.
  7. 23 people were at Thanksgiving dinner this year.
  8. Mushroom was on sale for $1.49 a pound
  9. Never ate alligator
  10. Got our Christmas tree cut a “grand fir”

Once month I like to adventure out and visit some different blogs. This time I tried to find them though Social media
I couldn't tell you how many social media is out there. But I only do two of them, Facebook and Twitter

I had a harder time finding blogs though social media....Here 6 of them I found.

Coffee is on



  1. This was so nice. I think I will post something similar in response on my blog :O)

  2. To find blogs, go to Google and search "blog" along with the topic you want to read about such as "blogs about pets"

  3. I hear you are getting some snow and seriously cold weather up there. Hope all is well!

  4. Liz..I'l stop on in

    Deb...I don't do much with social net working don't have time.

    Karin..It's really blowing out of the north.

  5. All I have time for is blogs on blogger so I don't do facebook and other things. And I don't visit a hell of a lot of blogs, just yours and a few others.

    It is a bit cold here now but it will pass.

  6. You had a large group celebrating with you on Thanksgiving!!

    As for blogs, I only visit those that I have on my Blogger Blog list and then, those that aren't on my list on my sidebar, those that pay me visits.


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