Sunday, December 01, 2013

Not To Much Done But A Little

I had plan to make some cookies. To fine out all the ingredients I needed wasn't here. Simple I'll make them later.
I believe I told that Murphy Aunt move down to Hayden Lake. Because of local airport issue. So we bought a few items from them before they move.
One thing I got was a gas range for $75. Yesterday I got it install for a $20 donation. One of Sawyer friend came over a did it.
I like cooking on gas better then electrical range. There one more charge we had to get some parts like pipe and fitting which didn't even come to nine dollars.

Total clueless how one consume so much crap. Right now I'm going though the basement pantry. Actual it wasn't all that long since Murphy and I went though it. It more disorganize then anything else.
But found a few things I toss in garbage or off to one of the thrift stores.
I start to put my pint canning jar on the floor in the basement pantry under the shelves. Then the quarts can go out to the barn/shed.

I toss plenty on my dresser in our bedroom. Clean that off and under it. 2 sack full head out the door to local thrift store. One is now ready which will be drop off tomorrow after work.

I got the butterfly and the two other bugs done on pillowcases which I been embroidering. I'm thinking I only need to finish up two more ornament and I'll have enough for this year.

Coffee is on


  1. What did you get at the thrift store?

  2. Liz...I just haul stuff there. But I get plenty of items from thrift stores.

  3. Sounds like you had a busy day.


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