Saturday, December 28, 2013

My Choice of Charity 2014.

If it wasn't for Christmas and actual Christmas isn't all that kind to our fellow humans. I wonder how giving we would be.
I have a major hang ups on “religious base charities” Confession time...I don't trust most of them” But I like to help out and try to make someone life a better; for what I can.
I thought of sending $15 a month to Second Harvest
Second Harvest is part of our local food bank here. 
Feeding America is large scale program to help out the local center for individual food banks.

I'm going to help Qwin out though out 2014 on a monthly bases. I'm still in 98% of income bracket. I'm not going or can't to cover all of Qwin needs in life but I can free up some of his cash a little.
Qwin is son of one my friend Alice. He get SSI I would guess his income is in the upper seven-hundred dollar range.
He also has SNAP (Food Stamps) and Medicaid.
He has two sons. I know SSI doesn't have any benefits for children or depends.
With all the cuts to program that aids the needy. I'm not sure what he all gets now. Not sure if all the states, Idaho won't let you deducted any housing cost off for the SNAP (food stamps)

If your wondering why SSI he has Kalnienk

I'm going to do small things like give $20 on his power bill, purchase items for his sons like socks, underwear, gloves, shoes, and etc. Then also I can get the odd thing such as paper towel, toilet paper, ticket to a game and what ever odd thing in life.

I'm stay hidden in closet as I help out Qwin a little.

Coffee is on


  1. I keep most of my charity close to home anymore, mostly in the form of labor to help others cuz I have a lot of tools and skills.

    But I do give a little money at times also.

  2. Second Harvest is our food bank here, too, and I'm very fond of them - in fact, I am trying to get a job there!

  3. If you work in a food bank, even as a volunteer, you get first pick of the foods there, and often, all you want.

  4. bbc's right about the food bank. my buddy volunteers at a food bank and he says the staff take all the good stuff.

  5. Popping by from the Saturday PhotoHunt to wish you a Happy New Year!
    Happy Hunting in 2014~

  6. Anonymous10:42 PM

    I prefer to give to individuals I personally know who are in need. I don't trust the organizations either, and especially after reading the comments about employees taking "all the good stuff."

  7. I wouldn't say that workers in food banks get ALL the good stuff, but they do get first crack at it.

  8. The people that run the food banks are going to reward the volunteers by letting them take extra food home, I don't see anything wrong with that as long they don't get too greedy.

    When I worked there I took home a few things.

  9. Bill I try to keep my money in my own community.
    True one can help out not using money. Before Christmas I made up batches of cookies and deliver them.

    Carol Our food bank is part of the community action center but Second Harvest deliver to them.
    I know at our local food bank there the lady who runs it and her assent both get a pay check.Everyone else volunteer.

    Bill and Bill...The employees and volunteer get first choice. Our local food bank seem to have a lot of sweets but during the summer more people brings in there produce from the garden.

    Sandi..Mid Jan I'll be back.

    MiMi..Who knows who I'll donate to in 2015. I can say it won't be religious charity.

  10. Seasons greetings to you. Re charities: I prioritize local ones -- in part because I often get the feeling that a lot of international charities' money ends up going to ensure that their workers get ultra privileged lives in "hardship positions".

  11. Just stopping by today to send along my wishes to you for a very Happy New Year Dora!!

  12. Sounds like the same approach to charity that I have. Only in my case, it's my ds and his friends. Our yard has filled with the homeless on several occasions.

  13. You are a good person and it is nice to know that you go out of your way to do things like this. I like St. Jude's as my charity of choice because they NEVER charge a parent/family a dime to treat children. I think they do amazing things. Have a great New Year! Looking forward to reading all your posts!


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