Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two and Only Two

As I've over heard different members of my mom side say “Since Myra was such a crappy mom that there surprise we raise some decent sons”
Confession time...I did two major things different them my parents did...Don't worry hubby and I pretty much screwed up in some other ways.

First all I never put that much importance or love toward money. This was my mother worst fault. I can recall my dad came home from work one evening. Lost his job for 30 days from railroad with out pay. Opinion time..It was unjust ex-pension from work.
My dad was working what was called the 8-9 run. Which is when a train left Spokane and went up to Eastport and into Canada.
The train had to stop at the border and go though customs. As the train was getting inspected he told the crew to over and have lunch at cafe at Eastport.
So after lunch they took the train and came back. My mom went and picked him in up our green 57 GMC pick-up. I remember my dad telling my mom that he got expelled from the job with out pay for 30 days for letting the crew take an early lunch.
The look on my mom face was peer terror. Then my father said he was going to take out some money from saving and go fishing. Which didn't help my mother what so every, actual it made things worst.

What my dad did to me emotional is hell of lot worst what my mother even came close to. I've had people at time say “Pete didn't have a mean bone in his body” Statement...This is totally crook of shit....sure the guy did have a lot of good points.
I can't even count how many time he did this.
He would bad mouth me to people right in front of me as I didn't exist. Saying all sort of nasty stuff about me. Put me down. Anyone who would listen and if they would say something negative about it or about me it was even better for him.
I brief talk to a counselor about this behavior toward me...Editor note....As I talk to counselor my father been dead for quite a while and never has opportunity to speak on this matter.
The counselor said people who behaves in the matter it way to control and manipulate. Older I got the worst it got.
I didn't take his shit and meanness laying down. Then it made things worst. Next available opportunity he had. He would just rake me over the coal right in front of me as once again I didn't exist. Then behind my back he would say wonderful things about me as I walked on water.

When these two injustice ended when my parents was buried. Actual when my dad was laying in his casket I felt a relieve was lift off of me.
I won't make the statement we were even close of being parents like the cleavers on “Leave it to Beaver”

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  1. I don't recall my parents doing that but we got beat plenty. As people go my parents were decent people, they just shouldn't have had kids.

    I quit a job once, and went fishing. :-)

    It didn't bother my wife, she knew I'd find a new job as soon as I got back, and I did.

  2. My kids made money their god, I think that is foolish, I've never cared much about money myself but I have always had what I needed to get by.

  3. I have made many mistakes in my parenting years, but I see my son with his daughter and it makes me proud. I must have done something right. My folks are good people, but they were not the lovey-dovey type either. I don't remember them ever saying, "Have a good day. I love you." In fact, they didn't do that until I had my son and did it. Then they kinda picked up on it. At my age it still surprises me when they say it. I don't think I could ever get tired of hearing. Interesting what we remember of our childhood.

  4. This was a brave post - congratulations and I've was truly blessed by having Faith as a child, that I would have a 'normal family' when I grew up - because, the mother & step-father I had also should not have had kids. But, we make it through (lots of counseling) and a happier life is waiting for us as we allow. Big hugs, :)

  5. This is the only real major complaint on my parents. I've seen people on my line of work (in home care) just ripping there parents a part. As I notice they have there short coming as I do.

    We still give our son hugs when we see him. Just a simple hug..I don't slobber all of them. Even a hug for daughter in-law and my youngest son.

    As a general rule my parents was good kind people.
    I know people who had a lot harder childhood them I did.
    I only change two major issue what I did different then my parents.

  6. My kids also got hugs, and was never beat. Result: They never beat their kids.

  7. opps didn't finish out the sentence..a hug for my youngest son girl friend


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