Saturday, November 23, 2013

I”m Forced But Surely Am Not At My Wits End.

I went out and took two picture for this weekend photo hunt. A picture of an Over. My Over was going to be picture of the Selkirk mountain range. Once you went over the mountain you would be at Priest Lake area. 
The other part of this weekend photo hunt was Rusty. I been embroidery a set of pillow cases. When it comes to do the "french knot" I'm surely Rusty at it.

Some time I wonder exactly were my brain is at. I knew I was going to get a pay check in the mail today. For some strange reason I thought it should be 120 bucks. I open and it was only 60 something. Crap I most figured Faith Two checks of $60 bucks. So now it more like it.
Our side door needs the handle replaced the door knob.

Talking about brain farts...The last three days I keep meaning to stop in state liquor store to get some boxes. I been going though the shelves in the basement pantry....Haven't stop in.

I tried to make divinity the other night. But I didn't whip it long enough. Actual it came out really good. Just like the filling in a nugget candy bar. No nuts or chocolate. But was glad to pass this about.
Sunday I will try to make anther set of goodies. Not sure what but I'm leaning toward fudge or cheesecake cookies.

Murphy and I went out on the bench property to locate the property steaks. I kind of eye ball for possible Christmas tree. Last year we had a white pine. I saw on net someone made a Christmas tree out of just dead or leaf less tree. The plain branch tree decorate look attractive. 

My friend LaWalla picked up book from the library down in Sandpoint. Called “I fired God” by Jocelyn R Zichterman...from page 123...TRUE TO FORM, BART TOLD HIM I'LL GLADLY LET YOU TAKE HER OFF MY HANDS. SHE'S YOUR PROBLEM NOW! IF YOU NEED HELP GETTING HER BACK IN LINE, GIVE ME A CALL...Opinion time I don't see much difference between the Fundamental Chistains and or Islamisms

The reason I didn't getting any picture up for hunt for this weekend. My Memory Card reader/writer went belly bust.
Shouldn't be hard to replace. Just need to get into a store that cares them. Next time around the photo hunt themes will be game and or unusual photo

Coffee is on


  1. In a way it shows that you don't have rusty things laying around, lol !

  2. Bonjour Dora,
    Thanks for your kind visit and words in our blog Bonjour et Bon Voyage.You are doing a great job here,your blog is beautiful with interesting posts and gorgeous pictures. I'm delighted by the first image, really wonderful!
    Have a great Sunday,

  3. The first link doesn't seem to work.

    Looks cold there.

    I'll have to try out the french knot, may come in handy.

    A busy cafe is also a good place to get boxes.

    Stay warm.

  4. You may be rusty, but they came out better looking than my French knots, and I've been doing a bunch lately.

  5. Harvesting your Christmas tree, how exciting! Must be nice to see it as nature intended, not propped up in some city lot. Enjoy your day!

  6. excellent picture!

    liquor stores are a great source of boxes and so are produce stores. banana boxes are very strong and usually have a lid to slide down rather than folding the top flaps down.


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