Saturday, November 30, 2013

For Shame But It Makes No Sense.

I been doing home care for quite a while now. Notice a lot of things on how things work. Some good and some bad. So there room for improvements like everything else.

The other day I stop in for a visit at Murphettes. Seems she was doing ok for her. To find out she had to piss for a drug test. See here in Idaho if you take any sort of opioids
you sign a contract at anytime a doctor office or law enforcement agency can come and check out your opioids. 
Murphette uses a hydrocodone
Statement time..... I've never seen her abuse them and isn't whack out on them either. I've seen people taking there legal narcotic...opinion time...they haven't been on earth for years.
Not sure which day this all happen, but it was this month. She was at the doctor office and had to let them know when was the last dose of her hydro she had taken. Wanting to know if the right amount of her medication is in her system. So she isn't selling them on the black market.
In the correctional institution they would say “you have dirty pee” for having marijuana or any other drug that isn't approve by FDA.
So in the nut shell of things. They gave her a choice of her pain meds or marijuana. If she choice to stay on marijuana they won't prescribe her pain pills to her.

It comes right down to economics and support the pharmaceutical companies. First of all I have no ideal what it cost medicaid to see if she or isn't taking her prescribe medication. So for her it going to be cheaper to let the medical establishment keep her dope up on pain medication. Sooner or later there going to increase the dose so she can manage her pain level.
I'm clueless how one could actual compare medical marijuana to prescribed medication. Here in Idaho since it bought on black market for an ounce it goes from $200 to $400.
How much marijuana does one need to get as they would need to get the same result from opioids. I've picked plenty of pain pill and none of them were every charged over $25.00 for a month supplies. Any how medicaid picks up the tab
I only actual meant one person that use pharmaceutical THC and it cost the state if I recall about $3,000 a month.

The days of Reefer Madness
is over. It's time to move forward, legalization of marijuana. I know if you google in the word “marijuana” in form you will have plenty of info to support any argument.
Below is some links I find interesting.

Coffee is on and go head and toke up. 



  1. people abuse prescription drugs and if prescribed medical marijuana i'm pretty sure the vast majority would abuse it by ingesting enough to get loaded rather than ease symptoms.

    that's how our brains work, if something feels good, we'll take more than we need.

  2. Billy...No one wants to hurt. But here in Idaho there sure not a friendly look on marijuana as compare to other state.

  3. I don't take pain pills or smoke marijuana so I'm sure as hell no expert on either.

    Well, I will take a little hit of pot when around others that use it for whatever reasons but I've never seen the point in smoking it all the time for whatever reasons. I just do it cuz it makes them feel like I'm part of the crowd.

    Guess I'm pretty damn lucky that at 70 I don't have the pains many do.

  4. What someone does in there own place and don't harm other people and if there over 21. They should have the right to do it...Heck on my job we threaten with a pee test. Although there to cheap to do it....I would pass one but I won't pay for one. I could care less if it ruin my credit. Simple it envision of privacy

  5. I know a lot of people that are on disability that are always stoned, and I mean stoned. I'm opposed to taxpayers money keeping these people stoned, I see them as bottom feeders.

  6. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I control my pain with meditation and it's worked for over thirty years. When it's really bad, I limit my activities. I'm lucky to have a husband to care for me.
    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

  7. Bill...I see people on my job "stone" on legal medication prescribe from there doctors...Heck I don't think they been on earth for ages. I can understand why lot of don't drive. Crap there not safe out there. I don't care if it legal or not.

    Francene...Glad your hubby helps you out.

  8. One family I fill in a few time. When the guy is out of his pain pill becomes a really "asshole" and usual he leans toward being an "asshole"


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