Friday, November 01, 2013

Don't Deal Me Three Four's In This Hand

Yesterday post I mention about blogging for the entire month of Oct and visit some other blogs. The 3rd have a list of them.
One things I liked. One is luv comment. Still not a fan of “Your Comment is awaiting moderation”...Question time...Never can see why some people needs or wants to monitor the comments they may get...Opinion time...I only see narrow minded people needs to monitor there comments..... ..I think it limited one self.
Crap if a person needs to make a fool of them self leaving Unruly comment, so let them. I rather deal with the little letters and numbers you fill in to prove your not robot. Then that monitor crap.

Actual not sure if I every join blogher. I know the site been around longer then facebook. Not sure if it pre My space time. Do you remember My Space now.
Couple of the new blogs I stop in during the month. Sure had the thought one needs to join every social type network of out there.
I don't see it. Who needs to be connected all the time. I got better things to do with my time. I look at all these social net working site. Is like shopping for the sake of shopping and spending money or time. Probably don't have either one.
I do facebook. Sometime I'm actual dead as a door nail and other time I'm alive and kicking. Confession time...I'm a big farmville fan. Its usual the only game I play.
Ones in while I'll post something over on my twitter account. I believe you have to say your piece in 160 characters. Not the best at being a tweeter.
Actual I like blogging and reading other blogs; more then I do the social media networks. 

Being part of the UBC challenge. I recent found 3 blogs that caught eye

  This last one isn't part of UBC actual I found this blog
though the comment he left at

When I was driving Faith last time we went into our local library. I got book called the age of miracles

Coffee is on



  1. I agree with you about moderating comments, although I've had blogs suffer attacks from spammers and one was brought down. That's the only reason I moderate comments on my blogs and do not want to stop people saying anything. It's a shame to have to do this.

  2. The only reason I like to moderate the comments on my website is also, as Robert said, the attack of spammers. I've been bombarded with spammers and have to delete their posts so many times. I don't think my readers will understand posts in Chinese or German. When I took the post to Google translate, which is a different story, it was promoting boots, handbags, and many other products. I love to have REAL comments that pertain to my topic or the theme of my website and the service I provide. Thank you for a pointing out your concerns!

  3. Hi, Dora! I'll have to check out those blogs! !
    I've been more active on FB than blogging for awhile, but came in on UBC, and began anew blog! Hope you stop by for a cup of tea!!


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