Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Testing Nine, Five, Three hundred and Eighty Two.

I was trying to find “site” how my blog would rate as a movie. You know that R, Pg 13, and XX, so forth. Back in the days one would pop over to blogthings answer a few question an out pop some answer. Or put in your blog url and out pop some answer which usual don't mean crap.
There a site that rates the value of your blog Like I'm going to sell my blog. Anyhow I blog simple because I enjoy it. Still haven' found the movie rating quiz. 

Now back to what every I feel like posting...about my cards
for weight lost. I never told you what is what. I got my cards divide up to best for 2,000 calories. Confession time...I hate to post that I weigh 210 pounds but it's the truth.
This is how my calories are divide up.
  1. Fat Card...on the average one tablespoon = about 45 calories on average. I'm allowed 5 cards a day.
  2. Milk Card...on the average 1 cup of =130 calories on average. I'm allowed 2 cards a day.
  3. Starch Card...on average ½ cup of =80 calories on average. I'm allowed 6 cards a day.
  4. Meat Card...on the average ½ cup or 3 oz =72 ½ calories on average. I'm allowed 6 cards a day.
  5. Veggie Card...on the average 1 cup = 25 calorie on average. I'm allowed 3 cards a day.
  6. Fruit Cards...on the average 1 cup = 60 calorie on average. I'm allowed 5 cards a day.
  7. Free Cards...on average ½ cup = 68 ¾ calorie on average. I'm allowed 3 cards a week.
If your wonder what a free card it's for junk food.
So this way I feel satisfied and usual I don't use up all the calories usual. Once I get down to 200 pound mark then I'll reduce my calorie intake to 1,800.
This method seem to be working for me.
If I use up my calories. If I get hungry I'll pop some popcorn add nothing to it.
Don't eat anything after 7pm and if I do once again it plain popcorn.
Last little bit I walk 3 times a week.

Coffee is on


  1. I have never heard of using cards as part of a diet but I think it is a great idea, good luck!

  2. My blog is only worth $50? What the heck? Lol.

  3. This sounds like a really neat way to do a food plan that isn't as diety. Thanks for the neat idea!

  4. Anonymous1:43 AM

    It's the after 7pm eating that does me in every time.. Maybe I should try those cards.


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