Friday, October 11, 2013

Some May Have Different View

I like the work of rlc and there reasonably priced and nicely done. Once again Samhain Siren is given away one of her piece, Fluorite Earrings
Handmade, one of a kind earrings set with genuine, 10mm fluorite cabochons. Clay pendants dusted with dragon’s blood for a bit of autumn color! French hooks.  Measure 2” long.
Take a few minute and see what else is being offer at Samhain Siren and RLC....I believe anther piece of her, I like is Bohemian turtle bracelet.

Today Murphy and I went out and cut load of firewood. Actual we like going out and gathering firewood. Confession time...Not all firewood trip goes this smooth actual there been a few trip someone ends up getting few boo boos....but nothing to bad that we end up in emergency room.

At first when we're planning to adventure out on firewood gathering trip. We had a little trouble deciding were we want to get firewood. There a few things one need to take in to consideration. Fuel and place were wood will be gathered. Woke up and the mountain around my home had snow on it. It been a while since I gathered wood in snow. Like any other wood trip it necessary doesn't mean it easier or harder to get the wood..

But we decided to go up toward Harvey-Hall which is up by Eastport area. So Murphy decided to stop and walk up the hill and ran into one dead larch. Getting it out went fairly smoothly. The only minor problem we had is when we were rolling it out. A few time a piece would roll some where we didn't want it to go.

Here is a pile of larch rounds right before we sent it down over the hill to the road. Next step once it hit road was to split it and de-bark before we load it up in Pick up.
Fall is such a pretty time in wood. I keep on my stocking hat and wore a lighter weight sweater. Lot of changes out in wood.

Coffee is on


  1. Wow! You make your trip to the woods so inviting! I feel like I was there... except for no wood in my fireplace. ;)
    God bless your weekend!

  2. Show a picture of your fire place. My country's too hot to have one. :)

    Looking forward to pictures of beautiful fall.


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