Saturday, October 05, 2013

Land Of Blitz

For the month of October I been taking part in the Ultimate Blog Challenge and part of you visit the two blogs before yours and leave a comment. I receive this message though UBC  which didn't bother me. Statement time...One can do what every they want on there blogs. But it does give me an ideal about people not keeping up on current events and living a life of La La Land

 Hi Peppylady I wanted to let You know that I didn't comment on your blog post because I was confused and didn't really understand what you were talking about (I don't watch the news or follow political like topics) so I opted to not comment. Just wanted you to know.

For those don't know the United States Government is shut down. I know there a few government agency is shut down around here. So far it hasn't effect me or anyone I know, very much.

Lina who lived in area as long as I can recall. All the time I knew of her walking around with blissful look on her face. Not even sure if she was educated much at all. Recently what I heard from LaWalla; Lina called the IRS thinking they were the same as Social Security department, demanding her SSI money. My friend LaWalla takes out food for her and her cat. Tried explain to her the different between the IRS and Social Security is. But she couldn't comprehend it all. Anyone who been here for any length of time known that her ex husband would beat her so bad that she would require medical treatment.  She isn't the only person I saw who was not aware what was going on in the world.

Last time I went to the gardenia center and woman who did the sermon was to adventure out. But she also didn't listen to any sort of news. Was total unaware of such things as poor people, racial issues, and so forth. Actual she couldn't relate to what is "every day blue collar worker" She is a trust fund child. I recall her speaking of taking hiatus from life of easiness. So she could put out her book on Sandpoint actual she did put on a nice book would look nice on a coffee table.

Opinion time...Choosing or not choosing. Living in life of unaware of what is going around you.  I can see world of trouble.

Actual both of these ladies have a kind heart.
Over at samhain sirens there a cool craft for making a scary face. Plus there giving  away the scary face and I could see using this techie for Yule.

Coffee is on


  1. I guess we all have our ways of coping in this world. We do what we have to do. There are times when so much is going on in our lives that we are not aware of the best to withold any judgment on anyone. ` Luchie C. :-)

  2. Luchie...I wasn't trying pass judgement but keeping your head hidden doesn't help anyone, mainly your self.


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