Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just Hair Pass Half Way.

I been taking part in Ultimate Blog Challenge and Samahin Siren. Oh I'll put the links at the end of the post. We're half way though the month. What does half way means. It depends what and how one want to look at half way. There so many way of looking at half way. Confession time...Lot of time I'm not even sure where the half way mark in life.
I guess if I'm half way though my life. 106 will be it.

When it come to ceramic I have trouble figuring what is the half way mark. Last night I worked on these pieces. One can say when I'm using acrylic and if I decided to add back wash to the pieces; once it dry and sprayed with a sealer. Then I'm done

I thought of trying to figure on my project if I'm quarter done, half or three-fourth the way done. It just to mind boggling.
Question time...Does anyone know when something is half done or not?....I'm quite please if my day goes 80% smoothly. Anything higher then that one may cop an attitude.

I know for fact that Samhain Siren, Still will link below!.Had just barely pass the half way dot. So that means there nine more days until Halloween. So far I've made it pass the half way though Ultimate blog challenge. It to blog every day in October and visit two new blogs.
I been keep list of the different blogs I visit. I have to say I sure visit all sort of blogger. It might be an act of fate but it seem like I hit duplicated of “self help blogs”. What needs to be said, nothing. When I put up my October weather report I'll also share the links of all the blogs I stop in.

Giving a way W itchy Tote Bag. courtesy of .urban threads  Take a brief look at the wonderful things is sold
  Her little lady bug is a favorite of mine.
  Ms K did a posting part of Samhain Siren blog explain Halloween actual it mid way point between fall and winter. If any of you would like to stop and read  more from Ms K.

Now since I been busy running off at mouth about /samhains-sirens Now I should say it been quite the challenge blogging everyday. But mainly I been enjoying visiting the blogs thought UBC


  1. My daughter is super creative like this and loves crafts and drawing. You make a good point about knowing when something is halfway done. That is very thought provoking. Visiting from the UBC. Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Dora, your post reminds me of the saying "Is the glass half full or half empty?" What are we satisfied with? Are we only satisfied if we are 100% finished? Are we completely satisfied at 25%? I think a lot can be said about a person and their ambition based on how they view their achievements. I have learned to not be so hard on myself over the years. I don't have to be 100% finished in order to be happy with myself. Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. Thank you so much for featuring the Steampunk Lady Bug e-reader case on your blog! (Psst... the store is actually Kindred Kollections, we just use designs from Urban Threads) We do really appreciate it!


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