Monday, September 30, 2013

One More Day

October is a busy month for blog world. Actual I miss being part of the blog world. I believe I found a way to get some photo up on my blog. Confession time....I'm not thrilled having to put my pictures up on my desk top (screen) to get my picture post. I just need to figure out how to post photo not sending it to desk top (screen)

I hope a few of you join in or let other know about the Ultimate Blog Challenge. One can travel via blogphere or facebook

Last year 2013 I took part in samhain sirens and going to this year.

Since we finish what we need to on place do to the painting project.  Sat in open molds on my pour table is 7 ornaments.  After I get these ornaments out and more clay(slip) mix up. Pour up 8 more ornaments.

Soon I won't be able to cast ceramics because my shop/garage will be to cold. My guess I will be able to cast ceramic one or two bucket.

I know the last post I did on my bottom of kiln and one can see  I have some painted pieces. These pieces was picked up at place like thrift store. The paint will be fired off and I'll repaint the items.

Every place I turn I only find only a few people who isn't in favor of affordable Care Act   I know some state extend out there medicaid program, Idaho was one of them.  I know most people in North Idaho isn't in favor of what some people call Obama Care. Confession-Statement time....I favor a one payer system for all something like combine our medicaid or medicare program....Question time...I wonder how many people are actually going over to healthcare
 to look in to it.  Both Murphy and I will look into affordable care this point I under stand to qualify for medicaid in Idaho one needs to be on disability program or your income under about $400 a month. You can own one vehicle doesn't matter the value. But here is kicker one can't own a home or anything value over $2,500. When medicaid was set up during President Johnson war on poverty in 60's. This was  a descent amount of income. We have a clinic here that works on sliding scale. For us to have anything done in clinic cost us $35 dollars and my blood work was $130 dollars. Places is connect to Kaniksu works there billing also on a sliding scale.  I heard this my be anther part of the affordable care act to have some medicaid program on sliding scale.

We won't be going to health care dot government on first but before the end of the month we will have visit and look into the affordable care act.

Coffee is on

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