Monday, September 23, 2013

Nothing More Better Get In the Way

Tuesday I made an appointment to get broad band but in. The receiver will be going on the East of our place facing toward Black Mountain. That's were they have what they need to have so some of us can get high connection speed. It going cost us $60 a month for 3 mbps. The other opposition I can get for high speed internet is satellite which is usual over $100 a month. I know people who uses there cell phone for internet connection and it seem like there bills hit with a $100 or more a month. But other then dial up this is a much cheaper way to go.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Thursday Morning they will be here to hook up broadband. Statement time...I sure hope we're happy with broadband....Opinion time...actual there no reason why people in a less population don't have wi-fi. Actual it would be real simple for everyone in world to have wi-fi in the world. Is to send up receivers in the jet stream and wind currents and as the receiver floats around the entire world could have wi-fi even those who live in a rural sitting.  Still it wouldn't be free ride; one will purchases the same item as anyone else on wi-fi and regular monthly charges.  Someone would sure make a profit out of this. The cheapest wi-fi I see around here is $20 for 3 mbps. I guess the out back of Australia does something like this.
I know I haven't posted August weather. Not sure what is wrong with my thermometer but it not reading my cooler temperature right. Like there days it will read in the 20's and I know it not even close to being in the 20's. If I would guess it might of got in upper 40's for the low.                                                            
August 9th the warmest day at 95.4(35.2) The average high 79.0 (26.1) Rainfall 3/4 (1.90)
If your wondering why change getting broadband hook up until Thursday. We want to get the East side of home painted.

Those who would like to convert the money value please click here

I could up date you all on more but it looks like soon there will be internet connection at our home.
Coffee is on


  1. i'm paying $60 for 15mps but everytime i do a speed test it's somewhere around 7.

  2. I'm wondering why Billy P would be interested in a fucking speed test as long as things are working well for him.

  3. Doesn't wi-fi have a limited range? They have broadband out at Granny's that gets to them through an antenna and they put in their own (i think) wi-fi system to get the signal around the property for the cafe and motel guests to use.

    And one of his daughters lives in a house on the property and she uses it also.

  4. I've never been interested in having wi-fi here so I'll admit to not knowing a lot about it.

  5. I couldn't live without Wifi, We have 3 computers plus a Kindle and move from room to room, lol !


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