Thursday, August 08, 2013

Weather Report July 2013 and Other Stuff

The warmest day in July was on the 24th at 103.1 (39.5)
The coldest day in July was on the 25th at 32.0 (0)
Average high for July was 84.7 (29.2)
Average low for July was 44.7 (7.0)
Well for the rainfall for the month it was less then a skiff.

Usual I post some new blogs that I adventure over to.
I start a list of 10 trivia facts of what happen in July. It's on my desk top and it's still having issue. Around the 9th of September I'll take it in.
Hopeful then Murphette has one of my first cousin once remove and one of her daughter stay in the home. My cousin works part time jobs and odd job.
Murphette daughter came up to Texas.  At this time she job hunting.
Once she find a job. Murphette then can reply for home care. At this moment the medicaid nurse would take away time. It depends which medicaid nurse does the assessment, all in luck of the draw.
But if she had the interview I would guess she would get less then 3 hours a week. But once her daughter get a job. I would guess her hours would be 3 up to 7 hours
Then I would feel comfortable doing broadband. I talk to 3 people who uses Meadow creek and there happy with it. They all live in my neck of the woods.

1. Went to bridal shower
2. Got a wonderful daughter in law Betty
3. My son Sawyer got married on the 20th
4. The 2nd of July Murphy and I been married 25 years
5. Had McCalmant family reunion there was slightly over 100 people
6. two of my weigh in at T.O.P.S (taking off pounds sensible) I lost
7. Took off the scaffolding and put it back on.
8. Clean out the China hutch
9. Paint 5 ceramic beads
10. Figure out how to get the first picture up on my friend Quenella site mountain garden weddings

I just came up with these 10 facts what happen last month.

Coffee is on


  1. It was pretty warm the day I was in Naples, I'm posting pictures of your famous (hehehe) downtown area in the morning.

    I didn't think you folks would be back home yet and no one answered the phone when I called so I went on a few more miles that day.

  2. 103 is hot! i start complaining like crazy around 90 degrees.


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