Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pants On Fire

I've prided my self in being on honest person. There been times in the past I've posted on my blog about being "truthful"
When I youngster I never lied or snick out of my parents home. I knew people who told there parents a fib like "We're going over to Dicks Drive in"..oh hell they were heading to some party that had drugs and booze at it.
This reminds me of a true story....
When I was young I had a curfew to be home. 16 years old it was midnight on weekends and week night it was 10:00. But before I went out I did up the dinner dishes.
I couldn't recall the place I want or thought I need to go to...I recall informing my parents that I would be home around three in morning. I knew I told them the place I was going to be.
They told me if I wasn't in by my weekend curfew that I would be grounded for "two weeks". I looked them in the eye and said..." I'll take my grounding and walk right out the door"
So I was grounded for the two weeks.
Years later my mother confess to me...I knew I could count on you being honest and never once have you ever deceived us. Even at times I didn't want hear the truth.

I would say 3 or 4 times a year my hubby and I have a marriage go around. Confession time..they can get right down ugly.
He would ask me something and if my reply was "I don't know" he would get all pissed off. Then I would say "What the fucking hell do you want me to lie to you" 
If you don't or can't handle the truth don't you fucking ask....because "I'm going to tell you the truth"

He also confess lot of the time he didn't need or want to hear the truth. So he just keep his mouth shut.

If I said I never told a lie well that wouldn't be truthful. I would say in all life I only hung from the telephone wire less the one percent of the time.

Coffee is on


  1. Honesty is best but I do agree that sometimes it is just best not to say anything.
    Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. When I was young I didn't go to drinking parties and didn't even know what in the hell drugs were.

    The kids mother and I had arguments over the years but the women I've lived with since she died was easier to get along with and we never argued much.

  3. When I was in my teens, I wasn't allowed to go out after the sun set.

    It's quite common for husband and wife to have disagreements. :)

  4. I fine honesty is the best policy actual it give you control.

    Actual it seem like the minster children knew the best parties were. My youngest son was fishing with a minster. Sure they were fishing but they were telling dirty jokes and drinking beer.

    My parents was in middle of road of strickness for an American. It seem if you go one way or the other it seem like as an adult there just plain messed up.

  5. I couldn't wait to leave home. I moved out at 17, just shortly before my 18th birthday and haven't regretted it at all. My parent's rode me all the time. My brother got away with everything. Here's the thing though: I am a successful adult with a college education and a comfortable home and he is in prison. Hmmmm, maybe mom and dad were right. When I asked them years later why they were so hard on me and so easy on him, my dad said it was because he knew I had potential and my brother not so much.

    I am envious you are married for so long. I am not very successful when it comes to relationships (always in one, but never THE ONE) and have been divorced for 15 years. Keep on keeping on. You seem to be doing something right!


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