Saturday, July 27, 2013

Still Trying To Figure The Best Way To Solve What Every.

Right now if I want to comp with the net I need to head into town were there Wi fi. I still have our desk top hooked to dial up but the desk top needs to be taken in to computer clinic and have a good going though. I been hearing a lot people are happy using .meadow creek computer place. I know it's better then what I have but it seem costly compare to what people pay for Wi Fi in town.

I haven't had a chance to take part in any of the photo hunts over at Sandi or Gattina which I enjoy doing but I don't want or need to waste my time in town on Saturday. The truth is my dial up does have a few advantage for me personally.

The reason I got this lap top is e bay, esty, farmville, videos, check my e mails, and I know there will be more reason why I got this lap top.
Now for my desk top it does ok for my blog, facebook, and small piddly crap.

Now for garden is doing great but I see we need to get some kind of cover to keep the creep crawler that attacks. I'm talking about nematodes. A fine netting should do like a bridal Vail should work.
The tomatoes are huge we will need something different then bamboo steaks. I'm more less thinking of temporary fence with a large weave fence.

September I'll be taking in the desk top to see what the trouble with it.   But $40 a month for 256KBPSseem costly. I pay $10 a month for dial up but I'm running a 56 K speed. If your wonder why I don't have Wi Fi it not offer out were I live on the other side of the highway. I talk to our phone company .frontier a month or so. The nice gentlemen who was on the phone said we should be getting Wi fi in next few months or up to 5 years.
Well for now I'm leaning to getting my desk top haul in and leaning toward keeping my dial up service.

The garden short coming sure seam a lot easier to take care of.

Coffee is on


  1. Hi Peppylady,

    I love blue healers! I have a miniature poodle and a terrier/poodle mix, and the terrier LOVES Blue the blue healer next door. They're lovely dogs - great mix of energetic and loyal. I think. I've never owned one, so don't know for sure.

    Thanks for participating in UBC, it's nice to "meet" you! :-)

    Stay true to you,

  2. There are many ways to solve problems. It seems everything these days cost money. Hope you solve your problem. Anita

  3. That's very annoying when your Internet doesn't work properly ! Hope you can settle this problem soon ! I am actually on holidays in England and fortunately their WiFi works fine because I always take my notebook along.

  4. I am glad you popped by the Saturday Phtohunt... I've wondered where you were!
    Internet issues can be frustrating ~ I hope you got a cup of coffee while in town :-)

  5. Hope your wifi problem is solved soon. Missing you on Photohunt.

  6. wow, $40 for 256kbps seems really expensive.

    i remember the old days with millions of aol discs floating around with free introductory dial up service.

  7. I pay about 45 bucks a month for cable high speed and it works very well. But you are sort of remote, much of the world can't even find Naples, hahahaha

    Looks like I will get some decent tomatoes this year also.


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