Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Weather Report (March 2013) and Other Reports

March 2013...Warmest day was on the 29th at 64.0 (17.7)...Coldest day was on the 24 at (-8.0)...Average high for March was 47.1 (8.3)...Average low for March was 26.1 (-3.2)...Rain gauge broke...Notice at the end of March from my view from my home. The sun looks like it coming up North of the towers on Black Mountain.
Planted some squils and snowdrop...Crocus and windflower bloom...
My goal was to have $100 left in check account after all the bills are paid and end up with a little over $300. Next (April) after all said in done I want $450 in checking.


  1. Wow, it can get pretty cold in your town. I doubt I am able to withstand a minus 8 degree temperature. :P

  2. The weather has been pretty damn decent here.

  3. It's been lovely here as well. Easter weekend we hit 22 celcius..folks walking around in shorts and flip flops...Yes spring is certainly here. Hope you r having a great day!


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