Saturday, March 02, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (Action-Steele)

Living in small community there usual not much action going on. Statement time....”which I'm grateful for an uneventful life”
So I brought my camera to town and maybe with a little luck I might see some action and the bank might be getting robbed. No such luck.
I'm not sure about weekend but every weekday the noon whistle still blows. I would guess it actual done by some type of computer or electronic.
But it doesn't matter how it operates but it steel works. Not sure what type of materiel is being used for the noon whistle. But I notice it's on steel type of legs.

 Next weekend photo hunt theme will be monochome and or Sport

Yesterday hubby and I was debating about going shopping. Murphette went down to Courd'Alene to take care of some business with her daughter and her honey poo.
I'm glad she got the time to spend with them.
Soon as the first comes around like most people I know Murphette and other need to head out and spend money usual before the week is over there flat broke.
I wasn't sure when my check would been in Friday or Saturday which is today.

I hate shopping! Mostly when it comes to fitting a bra. See none of the regular everyday store stock anything in my size.
I went to JC Penny and had my self measure to get a good fit for my bra. I knew the odds was they wouldn't be anything in stock for me.
So after I was measure the sale clerk pulled up the catalog on line. We found a bra and I ask if it didn't fit if I could return it.
She said “Yes”
So I gave her my penny card. Almost Fifty bucks.
Confession time...I'm looking for Obama care maybe I can get boob reduction done. I'm only 38 inches around but my cup size is either DDDD or a G depending on the bra.

Before we went and got the bra. We made a quick stop in at the co op and got a heating pad for our seed start and that was around $38.00

As I was in Penny Murphy stop in at Yokes and got some orange and apples which was on sale. I believe the orange was selling for .38 ¢ a pound.
Then we meet back at staples which I picked up some ink for the printer.

Then off to wal-mart. Look at dvd players but the plain one with out all the whistle was out of stock. So no dvd player. Murphy picked up his under garments and I got a black ink.

Then we headed home.

Coffee is on.


  1. Buying bras is a thankless adventure!
    I have never been measured as it just seems too weird but many of my friends have.

  2. thanks for visiting. Be thankful for no excitement. We have too much of it around here.

  3. I am disappointed that you couldn't take a picture of a bank robbery, but at least you got a bra, which is also an action !

  4. Anonymous5:28 AM

    Great shot for this week's theme.Lobe those old noon whistles - I am sure they have fallen out of use in most places.

    Have a super weekend.


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