Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Flaky Spring

As I was taking my walk. I came upon this water feature. It would be a nice addition to the place. Not saying I would want one just like the one in the picture.
Murphy been hauling dirt around the place. Now I'm not sure about the tree orchard going in. Murphy is little skittish about bees. He swells up! Actual it depend were he get stung. Place like the neck isn't good.

We notice that eves on place need painting. Mostly on the south side of the house. A little each day keep happen with the flower beds.
Couple of days ago the first sighting of robins and bluebirds.
I start to clean out anther shelf in the shed/barn. Here is some of the items that are heading off to the thrift store.
Actual I need a little bit of help from Murphy. I want him to look at this stuff and fine out if he thinks any of the items needs not to go to the thrift store.
I don't think he will have any problems.
One thing he needs to help me with is the old horse supplies stuff and that's on the shelf I'm working on.
If one can call this the first day of spring; woke up to snow. I know the snow will be sitting back my crocus. Nothing was in full bloom yet. Small bit of them were in bud so you could see what colors they lean toward, purplish tones. None of my yellowish tones is showing yet.
This afternoon I'm driving Faith to the eye doctor in Sandpoint. Recently she been having more trouble with her glaucoma.
Coffee is on.


  1. My place hasn't been painted for over twenty years, but it hasn't got to last any longer than I do.

  2. No spring here as of yet. At least the rain is getting warmer. ^^


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