Thursday, February 28, 2013

Multifaceted Not Culture

First of all I was going to attempt try to explain my mood. I guess one could call it multifaceted. So I guess I'll give you a brief going on for today.
It was a pretty simple day of running Qunella around her main appointment was with the chiropractic. Then she stop in at the local eye doctor and fill her prescription for her glasses. Then what every else it was pretty routine.

Then I came home and Murphy been putting more fill around the foundation of the house. We took a walk and briefly look over the garden spot. Sort of made minor plans what we want to do in each of them.
Hodgepodge flowerbed actual I only see planting some Hollyhock, not sure if it going to be started indoors or straight in the ground. Faith has some phlox that she need thin out.
Unless I get some free items I won't be doing much to that flower bed.
The Royal Sunshine flowerbed which I have in purple and yellow flowers at this time the only thing is to put in some annuals.
The herb bed. Now I know they're will be dill, fennel, anise, catnip, basil (slam queen) thyme (German Winter), a few vegetable and flowers you can eat.
Then last summer I start anther flower bed below the power line which I want to put in peonies.
Well I think we're just going to add on to the front of our vegetable garden fence for our orchard; 20 feet.
I got a call that our seed order came in.

Not sure if this will all happen or not. This March the Boundary County Democrat is holding there spring pot luck. Let say those who lean to the right tend to get elected.
No one who is left leaning will run for office here. It waste of time and money.
I would like to take a trip to Spokane to see the boys and check out the Unitarian Universal church in Spokane. I can't decided if going the 8-9 (Our Hunger for Beauty — Our Hunger for Justice

Pat McCormick, Guest Speaker

On March 10, our guest speaker in the pulpit will be Pat McCormick. Pat has taught Christian Ethics at Gonzaga for nearly 20 years and speaks extensively on how God calls all believers to make peace, practice justice and tend to creation. His most recent book, “God’s Beauty: A Call to Justice” explores how the beauty of the just community, the neighbor, and the world call us out of ourselves and into community.)

Or going in on the 22-23 You’re Never too Young:
Teenagers Who Made History.
But who knows what going on. Maybe I should check out Easter Service. Food great but I just don't take the entire thing of Jesus dying on cross.
Well who know how March will come out.

Coffee is on.

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  1. I may or may not do a tomato plant this year, and I'm going to cut back the apple tree a lot. I should just make a stump out of it.


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