Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekend Photo Hunt (Celebrated-Home Town)

I'm ready for break from celebrating. Truth be known one can celebrate anything they like. I thought my cactus here had bit the sand. One can see it has one flower I guess that a reason to celebrate

Some time in my post I talk about Naples and the other time it's Bonners Ferry. Well I live in between the two towns.

Naples is south of my home.

  Bonners Ferry is north of my home.

Next weekend photo hunt will be haven and or yellow

I found out one of my coffee pals Kris who own the blog confessions of a pagan soccer mom is having a give away
Actual a choker is given away by a shop called Ivaldis Dream Trove  but one should head over to link for the “give away” to see how to enter in the contest.

Now let talk about “milking for all it worth” One lady I take care of is Ellie. Fell and cracked her disk in her back. She called me and wonder what she needed to. I suggest she call her doctor and of course the front desk tells her to come on in but there going to be a four hour or more wait.
We decided to skip the doctor office and use the emergency room. Knowing this greedy doctor we would sat in the office for who knows how long and still been send to the hospital for an x-ray. So this way I skip what the doctor would of charge medicare and her insurance company.

It wasn't the only issue I have with some doctors, their attitude; the world revolves around them. I had anther job to head out to that day. See that day I also had to drive Faith around
Confession time...It bothers me about there attitude they think them self as “some kind of special that the world revolves around them”...more then the greed.

A little bit I'm some what wonder how this back injury may play out. I know crack vertebra can be painful. Her son Earl said it could it take up to 6 months to heal. That might be all true but it doesn't mean your complete hindered either.


  1. That beautiful flower is a reason to celebrate for sure!

    My post is up for today:

  2. Funny I only know Naples in Italy, lol ! Your two cities look very nice !

  3. Ah, a Christmas Cactus. I have a couple of those too. One I got from a relative, and one I got out of someone else's garbage. Neither has flowered lately, but they are otherwise looking healthy.

  4. I enjoyed your take on the themes.

  5. I always celebrate when you join us for the PhotoHunt

  6. Doctors, pfft....

    I know your area well, nice country, but not like it used to be.

  7. Hi Dora, lovely flower and lovely photos of your hometown. Sorry to hear about Ellie. And that wasn't nice of her Dr. to expect her to wait 4 hours. :( Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  8. is the orchid the kind that blooms once in a bluemoon?

  9. Anonymous4:41 AM

    I like your attitude - any excuse to celebrate! *smile*

  10. How far are you from those two towns?

  11. YTSL...I'm 3 miles to Naples and about 5 miles or so to Bonners Ferry.

  12. A nice contrasts between two towns. :D I love the flower. Here's mine:


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