Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is This The Final Show Down

For the month of January I took on Carla challenges
As I state I want to clean off my coffee table and two end tables. I know there easy but at the time the challenge started I need to pick some thing easy. Statement time..”Home care is just plain stress”
Last week I promise I would post a picture of the last end table I clean. The picnic basket I keep my jewelry in...Most of it just costume stuff but I like it.

Last week mini challenge for cleaning and organizing....Organize a food pantry. Well I wouldn't classify this a food pantry but it cabinet that I do keep food in. So it got a going though.

Actual they weren't that much in it. I had to toss out a few items. The items in the white plastic sack needs to be use up. The goal is to empty the stuff out of the white sack by the end of February.
One thing I notice that the stuff you line the bottom with needs replacing.
Editor Note...I thought I had a before picture.

The cleaning out the challenges of the week work in with a finical one. As I state just above that I want to go though the plastic sack. Sunday we had ½ of a fried chicken; out of the freezer, pick up some Kale the other day on sale at .98¢ a pound. The main thing is I got to sack and tried “orzo” like to find some recipes.

I didn't keep tally that strict on what I spend this week on food. I heard the amount they snap program (food stamps) figure one needs to eat isn't enough. “I don't agree.” For us it was plenty. I know they may be times that it may not be.
One would have to make a choice to eat healthy or not. I can see one would couldn't go wild with the snap program.
In all fairness I've read in some area “larger city in low income area they have no or very little chance to get fresh fruit or vegetables”

Totally enjoyed being part of Carla challenge for the month. Help me get some project finish. I'm leaving links of how I progressed though out the month.
But later on I sure hope a challenge like this will take place.


Coffee is on.


  1. When we lived in Tucson, my kitchen had a lazy susan shelf, and I loved it...I would like to have one here.

    You did good.

  2. Over the years, clutter has built up unknowingly in my house. As the Chinese New Year is coming, I have to declutter as much as possible. :D

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog Cents To Save. Congrats on completing Carla's challenge.

  4. I think my best solution would be to build a new kitchen and tear the old one down.

    But before I get around to that I'd like to try out this new bread machine.

  5. Well done this month on my challenges! :) I've seen the SNAP programs and I agree with you... I think if you buy real, healthy food, it's very doable! :)


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