Friday, December 07, 2012

Weekend Photohunt (Marco-Zesty)

I wasn't sure what the difference between Marco and a close up. To be a true Marco the item needs to 1 inch or less. I have to say I'm not sure how to set the Marco device on my camera. But a penny in actual size is three-forth of an inch.
When I heard the term zesty I though of my friend Alice zesty herb blend. There a lot one can do with the zesty herb blend. What I decide to do with it was to make some zesty bread.

Next weekend photo hunt theme will be bells and or trees

Three weeks ago one of the photo hunt theme was color and I posted a picture of a North Pole scene and here is the finish product.


  1. Lots of food this week for zesty! The North Pole scene is pretty.

  2. Zesty bread is so yummy

    The North Pole scene has turned out very nice. You must be pleased with it.

    My zesty drink is at

  3. Would love to try that zesty bread!! did you make that North Pole scene? it looks precious!
    Happy weekend

    zesty ~ macro

  4. Oh seeing another food delight is teasing my stomach. :D I love the North Pole scene.

  5. Marco? No hon, I think the word is Macro. Marco is a gene.

  6. Hi Dora, two great photos for this week's dual themes. I love your North Pole scene.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. I didn't realize it was that specific. Still, you'd think they'd call it micro instead of macro.

  8. Micro works for me...

  9. Macro or close up is almost the same ! Very nice !


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