Tuesday, December 11, 2012

To See Jack's Paper Plaster

So What going to happen if our country goes off the financial cliff. I think most people I know it won't have much effect on them.
Actual there a real simple solution to this mess. Raise Tax 5 percent on those who are making $750,000 a year. Then cut spending 2% straight across the board for all department...including the military, foreign spending, and even Israel.
Then next year every week which we have 52 weeks in a year, every-week remove a tax loop hole and buy the end of 2013 we would of gotten rid of 52 of them .
Sure there more but I real doubt that anyone in Washington could mange to do anything on the loop holes. I would be total shock if they got one done a month.
This is the biggest reason why our country is in there financial troubles is all of there departments is so mismanaged. Each and everyone government program needs to be put in the 21st century. Including our defense department.
Plus this doesn't mean they need to be put in the private section
I notice most department once there program is sat up it doesn't keep up with the changes that actual a person may or not need.
Anther words there not very “progressive” at all.
I figure if I made it to public office I would get shot at.

Coffee is on.


  1. It's pretty simple, this county is ran by people that like their great wages and benefits, don't expect them to care about us.

    I'm getting a 1.7 percent raise on my SS money next year. A local city employee is getting a yearly raise that amounts to my whole fucking income for the year.

    How does this stack up? My income next year will be $11,820.00, his will be over a hundred and thirty thousand dollars. But hey, the fucker cares about me.


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