Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Does This Have Any Warrant To Our Gun Violence

Couple of things I've don't recall every posting anything real heavy about abortion or guns. The killing of these children in Connecticut is one evil person.
I can imagine and empathy for those who lost love ones in such a tragedy.
Back and forth there been debate on gun control. I live in an area where a lot people are worried about their gun rights.
It might even be call that some in my area have a gun fetish.
I know some of your statement will be guns don't kill people..people kills people yes this is true but why do these countries have lower violence in there communities.
Statement time....I have no major thing for or against guns...I surely never felt like owning one for self protection at this time in my life...Our guns are for hunting ....Once in blue moon I don't mine doing some target practice, bullets are expensive....I surely wouldn't get a loan or spend a large percentage of our income on any gun...I don't pick a candidate if their pro gun or not.

If you notice we have the highest number of people killed with guns. But even if we had gun control I wonder if there some underlying condition that needs to be addressed.
Such as what in our food chain...I see so much this at work the people I take care of lives on packages (junk) foods Opinion time... is full of toxic chemicals.
It seem like most of the clients takes enough medication, in the long haul of things, how is this effecting them.
Let just say if they had tighter control on our guns and still live in a toxic life style. Question time...I wonder if there would be the same number of killings but a different method.

I took a few minute and googled cancer rate by countries to compare cancer and gun violence but so far no luck.

I wonder if these country with lower death rate by guns could possible have lower death rates because they don't live in such a toxic neighbor hood.

Coffee is on.


  1. You definitely made a great statement, and opened a lot of thought. I personally think that the violence today with younger people has a lot to do with the way they were brought up. A majority at fault would be the parents...just my opinion.

    Heck, I grew up with violence on TV --even Bugs Bunny cartoons and Road Runner...think about it. My family members all had guns. We respected the gun as a means of hunting...

    Anyway, my parents were always home with us kids as we grew up, sure they worked, but they knew the value of raising a kid to grow up and respect elders, neighbors, religions, etc. And even with the violence around us with [yes there were murders]...cartoons, tv, books....we grew up as a law abiding citizen. That's my opinion.

  2. Hootin Anni...We sure have to take a good look at our communities.
    But even when I grew up there sure where plenty of short coming then.
    I even laugh when roadrunner blew up Willie Coyote.

  3. If governments wasn’t stupid they would ban the making of assault rifles. It’s easier to control a gun factory than it is to track and control all the guns after they are made.

    As 'arsenals' go mine is pretty puny. My two big caliber guns are black powder guns and not at all useful in combat situations, they are just for the sport of black powder shooting. My other guns are .22's and pellet guns, but if hell breaks out around me maybe they will do the trick, I don't know, I just hope hell doesn't break out around me.

    But hey, this is America, as countries go it's a pretty new country, I love my country, just not what is going on in it.

  4. Bill..I never even thought of stopping or taking out the factory who makes the assault weapon...I think you got something.

  5. Well, I'm small and made of meat and don't make the policies on this rock.

    There's a school in Texas that lets it's teachers arm themselves, I'm good with that.

    A boy in Utah took a gun to school to 'protect his classmates', can't say that I blame him but an eleven year old these day's hasn't got much experience.

    However, in the 1800's into the early 1900's lots of kids packed guns, parents couldn't always be with them, it just made sense for them to pack guns.

  6. Apparently that fucking idiot of a George Bush fixed it so that gun manufactures can't be sued. Not that I think suing them would help, that would just drive up the price of our hunting guns.

    We just need to be able to keep them from making guns like that for the general public.

  7. Automotive manufactures can be sued but that just drives up the cost of new rigs. There's no easy solutions I guess.

  8. In our Singapore law, walking the streets with a knife will be arrested and charged. It is unlikely we will sell guns to residents in Singapore.


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