Thursday, October 04, 2012

Rosie Napping On Top of Monitor

Before I head out to work today I thought I would start today posting. I'm actual wondering what to post about. But then I wonder why blogging is going out the window. Some of my old coffee pals seems not to be posting as they once did.
I came to the conclusion if you wonder who will like or not like your blog. It total lost cause. So one only and should just blog for there self.
It nice to have someone stop in and leave a comment. One needs not to blog for comments.....4th day of blogging
Now it's the fourth day of fun over Samhain and it looks utterly-wicked But I want to send you right over to the drawing by Wicked Witch Studio. She is giving away a book called Utterly Wicked. It looks like she has other items....I would say I would be interested in the coffee my self. 

Now don't forget there other goodies over at Samhain sirens. This time there a link to a blog called

and the coffee is on.

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  1. I've been posting for so many years that I've just come to accept that visitors come and go, and I have a few readers that have followed me for years even though they have never left a comment, of course at this time I have comments turned off because of a world class bitch.


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