Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Head Of My Self and Confused.

I don't why I function on a Tuesday and a Thursday schedule. Never mine about Wednesday like it never even took a breath.
I was thinking Thursday I had to in to my T.O.P.S meeting and that is up Tuesday Morning...I had no gain weigh in.
Then for some reason I thought once again the lady who takes care my asthma medication was in today. Knowing that she comes on Thursday and still thinking today is Thursday.
There some program at our local clinic help people get there medication free or at discount. They help me get my asthma medication. If I didn't get some type of assistance it would cost $200 a month.
But some reason my medication hasn't came in and it should been hear a week ago.

For some how I did keep my day straight when I went out to Ellie place. But before I headed out I made my self a grill cheese and tuna sandwich with some tomato soup, I thought I would like it as I had in the pass.
The sandwich was ok but the tomato soup was just yucky. It was one of the heat and serve that Murphette left hear....Statement time...I just don't see how they even ate the crap they do.

At Ellie place I clean out her oven and wood stove. Then clean out her freezer.
I keep having to remind my self she don't move that quickly and her body isn't friendly to her. If I work study at task above it should of only to 1 to 1 ½ hours to do

So today Murphy headed up to help Quenella getting her electrical together. She has alternative power. A generator and solar panels.
Actual He was a little nervous about going up and helping her he wasn't sure what she had gotten. I guess she got I think is a 40 watt battery charger and 4 golf cart batteries.
So he put in batteries and hooked it to the charger as she asked.
Went out and tried to start up her generator up. Well it never started up. Found out she hasn't started for 3 weeks.
At one time she let the oil run dry. Plus she didn't know anything about vehicle and antifreeze her husband took care of that stuff. Now she learning how to do that kind of stuff now.
Well if she went first I believe he would be having an education as much as she is.
Well because of Sandy on East Coast there no samhain sirens....So no recipes.
I did get a pear pie made for Murphy it was the worst crust. I ever made it was hard to roll out. Usual I can make a pretty good crust.

Coffee is on.


  1. I like a good bowl of tomato soup at times but this bean dish I whipped up is pretty good also.

    Using a 40 watt battery charger and a generator to charge up batteries is going to be pretty damn expensive if she uses them much.

    I'd mount a 12 volt car alternator to a small gas motor to charge them. Still expensive but not as much.

    And she should go with nothing but led lights, they don't use near the power.

  2. You changed your blog dress ! I first thought I was on the wrong blog ! I too have a little asthma, but not really seriously, sometimes I need a "puff" for better breathing. Medication can be very expensive !

  3. It would be nice to have something simple for a generator - some of the NPR writers were talking about their challenges trying to charge batteries using other items - a hand crank flashlight - something like that would sure be handy if it WAS interchangable for cell phones, etc!

    It sounds like you folks really helped Murphy out!


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