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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Weather Report for June 2012 and Other Stuff

The warmest day was June 28th at 87.8(31.0)
The coldest day was June 14 at 28.8 (-1.0)
The average high for the month was 72.3 (22.3)
The average low for the month was 41.1 (5.5)
Rainfall for the month was 5 inches (12.7)

Been getting all sort of Greens from the garden during the mouth. Two lighting storm came over us one was on the 11-12 right around midnight. The other one came toward the end of the month.
For majority part of this month (June) we use cash and I paid the bill with money orders. I do this twice a year.
When I make deposit in checking account...If I get a check for $145.17 I never record the .17¢.
Then when I write a check or use the debt card...If I use either one let say I get something for $23.98...I'll round it up to the next dollar so I would subtract $24.00 from my checking account. So this way the bank say I have more then what written in our check book register.

Yesterday was Murphy and my 24 years of being married. Live together for 5 years before that. Confession time...not often I thought of divorce. When I was thinking of getting divorce I soon came to the realization it was to good for him....I then change my thinking and figure I ought just kick the shit out of him....These thought real didn't happen often.

I been ask how we been married for all these years. I just don't have one answer to it....Let just give short tidbit of marriage wisdom....You can't change anyone including your spouse...if you want to change someone (including spouse) you better start with your self.
Playing the blame game...One needs to look at your self and take responsibility for their own doings...Now if your not the blame and don't back down....There been plenty give and take in our relationship...nothing wrong with compromising...One more and very important thing enjoy life and each other. 

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  1. That's how my wife tried to fix me, by kicking the shit out of me. But she wasn't big and strong enough to kick the shit out of me and always lost those battles.

    Man, I'm sure glad I don't have to deal with that crap anymore, her dying pretty much solved that problem.


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