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Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekend Photo Hunt (home- sturdy)

I always thought of putting in a herb and salad garden on the south side of our home.
I actual want to start about fourth of this size but Murphy started some trees in there.
So my herb and salad garden got put on the back burner. Then the trees need to be move. Well I thought he would just thin them out and I could plant a few herb around and about. Guess what!!!Gopher ate the roots so most of the trees are trash. But he did get a few replanted.
Not sure what all we will be planting back there. Filling it up with the herbs could be some what costly. So I'm thinking for this gardening season putting in some type of vine crop or possible something else.
Now for kitchen work we like a good sturdy knife to cut, slice and dice. We found this knife at thrift store and got it for just under one dollar. “Life time cutlery Old Homestead stainless-Japan”
We're both not a fan of bendable knife blade.

Next weekend photo hunt will be humor and or reflect

Recently I had this awful panic attack. Confession time...I just felt like just like running as fast as I can from it. If one could out run a panic attack I would of it.
To me it would be like running from a major tornado or even typhoon. “Just plain useless.” not saying I wouldn't do anything to save my self.
I don't know what brought this on. Or what might of trigger it.

I keep thinking it was Friday but it was on a Thursday. I went and just finished worked. I ate dinner and the attack happen. It seem pretty effortless regular kind of day.
I never know actual what to charge her for my part of home-care.
The agency I work for though the state on average pays me $11 an hour. I don't have any desire to take advantage of her or be taken advantage of. I know she doesn't get that much a month I believe some where in the seven hundred dollar range.
That day she was having a hard time with her hand operational. So she ask me to write out and check so I just wrote out it for “five bucks”. I was figure she did make me a nice dish of “Hungarian Goulash”
with price of food and I sort thought I should use that as part of my payment.
But I know we're worth something.
I've tried different avenue to get her help in her home. As far as I can see she should be able to get help though medicaid and yet haven't done it.

Then my dear hubby Murphy is on his rant about how it was unfair he had to hid his head during assemblies in school because his parents couldn't afford the book fee's sometime when he went to school. But his sister Faith got her paid for.
I'm not sure if he more up set over the fact the way the system disadvantage him or his parents paying for Faith book fee.
But he had to hide his head because he felt single out because he was from an poor family.
So I ask him what I could do about it right now and why I keep hearing this grip. He said there really nothing I could do about it and he been depressed.
Well he want to go back to work but he don't think he could physical handle the tree nursery work anymore.
But he is so tired of waking up with terrible leg cramps...that I have to get up in the middle of the night and draw a hot bath for him.
One thing he can start to draw social security in December he will be 62 the end of November.
He also talked about getting his chauffeur liaison and possible drive school bus.
I know when one is drawing regular social security he can make up to a certain amount.
Plus he quite smoking cigarettes ages ago. Then he quite smoking pot oh I wouldn't use the term ages. ago. Confession time....The way his attitude is I felt like just going and getting him some pot.
Then on the other hand now he is having heart burn and indigestion trouble. To me way his gripping is that he has very little pleasure in life. Possible low on the joy factor.
Confession time...this might sound a little corny “I just enjoy life and most of it's adventures on the way.
He enjoys his cup of coffee in the morning and can't hardly gag one down.
But he know he will come out of it one of these days.

But it seem both of Murphy and I are looking for garden season. He took in the rototiller to have some minor adjustment done.
But actual it's a little wet around here the ground that is, to be worked.
Murphy was over at Fynn and he gave us some Roma and sweet pepper seeds. Time I got back home he had them started.

“Lot” I don't know if that the correct term to use or not. But we got plenty of things under the light. I think it would be easier to say what yet haven't broke into the sun or light. Peppers which we planted a wide variety of them. Tomtoellis, and lavender. The lavender seed is sort of one old side. We just though some in a four pony pot pack.
I wasn't sure how the royal sunshine bed was going to come along this year since we dug it up last fall and replanted it. But it seem to be coming along but a little slow. When one replant and moves thing about it put things into shock.
The crocus are starting to show in the royal sunshine flower bed. But it look like I'll need to move them back a little bit.
Not much is going on my Hodgepodge flowerbed. The daffodils haven't open yet but the buds are starting to show the yellow color. At the end of this flower bed I have some Easter Hyacinth trying to color out. Statement time....The hyacinth are pretty wimpy looking. Not sure what exactly they need or want.
Now for other activities. I tried to set up and Esty site in hope to sell few of my ceramic pieces. But had to get Paypal straighten out which I haven't use for ages. So I thought I would get it all up to-date.
Plus I see my son Sawyer add his card to my pay-pal account and wonder if he forgot about it or not.
Because the address he has listed he haven't live there for ages, nothing current.
But anyhow I did get one thing listed 
Then I see there still a lot of things I could do to make my shop more appealing simple things.
Confession time...I wasn't going to list the item I keep tearing apart what I did wrong. But one of my goal for my ceramic shop was to use esty.
A lease it a step in the right direction

I've cast a few mugs but can't come to conclusion what to sell them for. A very short time ago I went into Huckleberry Variety store here in Bonners Ferry and checked the prices on mugs. Well they range from $1.40 to $15.00 each.

I made up a new juice drink. Which I call a “Long Tall Sally” Just run these things though your juicer.
Left over raw veggies
2 piece of raw asparagus
1 piece of raw celery
1 raw carrot.
1 raw cucumbers.
Then throw above items in a blender after it been juiced.
Then add 2 romaine leaves and a banana blend.

Friday the 13th was last day work for me until I go in Monday. As Murphette was talking to her counselor. I was doing some shopping. I stop at the local food bank so I could see what they had in line of salvaging. To help her out a little.
Once a week a person can go in and use there salvaging program there but one can only get a food box it's either 3 or 4 times a year.
So I got her some bread and rolls. But her daughter is such a picky eater. To count food she will eat one wouldn't have to take off there shoes and use there toes to count on.
But since I was in there I got my self a few items off there salvage shelf. Like some yogurt and soy milk.
Like I said her daughter is fuss eater I got her mom some sourdough hoagie rolls and split them with them her.
Both Murphy and I aren't picker eaters. Plus I'm big fan of sourdough they went into my freezer.

Someday I just don't under how some people are. Can't recall what day it was but I was balancing out the check book we got the bank statement. I made a Statement....You never look at what in the bank or question it. His respond was “Your as cheap as I am”
Not sure how I need or should take his response.
But then after that I was called a “food snob” Statement time...I just like variety of nutritious foods. So I guess this makes me a food snob.
Confession time...I did make the statement he just cooks crap. Which isn't really a true statement. He actual cooks pretty good.
For dinner on Friday the 13th we're having a ground turkey meat loaf, bake potatoes, and asparagus. Plus something to drink.


  1. I would love a herb garden. Been thnking for a long time but too lazy to start one. haha....

  2. Good luck with the gardening!!!

    Mine's HERE if you'd care to join me. My first since TNChick stopped hosting long ago.

    Happy weekend.

  3. Thanks for playing the photohunt!

  4. I first thought you show the home of a mole, lol !

  5. Woah, that's one long entry! Guess you found enough material about your home for both Sandi's and Gattina's Photo Hunt themes! ;b

  6. You could probably cover the area with herbs simply by scattering some seeds. When I was in high school I made one that way and was amazed at how easy it was.

  7. I used to have a herb garden and still have some herbs (rosemary, thyme, mint, oregano). Lately though I haven't gotten around to planting the annual herbs I like such as basil.

  8. No Gophers here, two of the cats make sure of that.

    Shit, this post is too long. :-)

    Murphy needs to exercise more to stay in shape, I'm 68 and it sounds like I'm in better shape than he is, use it or lose it.

    I don't balance my check book, I've only written about one check in the last four years, I use my credit card a lot and watch my account online and go in the bank once a week to pay up my balance on it so I can bullshit with the cute chicks. :-)

    They all know me there. "Hi Billy, hows it going?" "Pretty good, they'll never find the body's" giggles... "What can I do for you today?" "Lets take four hundred out of my checking account and pay off my credit card, the rest I'll use on a hooker." "You got it Billy, how was the camping?" "Great."


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