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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekend Photo Hunt (Creative-Play)

Confession time...What I'm doing painting on ceramics on my dinning room table if someone else was doing this. I would be having a first class fit.
I keep looking at the smaller room to be doing my creative work in. But I seem to be in a stall mode. To change the room in to my work area.
When the boys where young I use to take them down to local fairground so they could play on the play ground equipment.
Confession time...even at my age I like to PLAY on the swing.

Next weekend photo hunt theme will be shoes and or spicy

I don't know what is wrong with my husband and me. Both of us really have a bad attitude about getting a job.
Confession time...About the whole work thing just pisses me off.
Both my parents had a good work ethics. My dad work for railroads for 50 years. “A lifer”
My mom ran our commercial berry business.

My mom her whole attitude toward money and work actual pisses me off. Anytime I had a job she was proud of me, more then usual.
I can recall different things when it came to work and her whole attitude toward making money was pretty discussing.
Confession time....I actual have empathy for my dad on my mother his wife her whole attitude toward work. If he was working she would be a little more nicer towards him. Not saying she wasn't nice to him.
.Coin flip time....But I can complete understand why she sat bounds about him drinking.

My mom didn't mind him stop in at a bar. Anything over and hour and half wasn't acceptable. Shit would hit the fan. But if he had a day off and wanted to head over to a local bar and have a drink or too. Chit chat the day away she didn't have any trouble with that.
But anything later then that...if he wasn't careful shit would hit then fan.
If bounds wasn't sat my dad would of stay longer in the bars.

When I had jobs back in high school. My dad always disprove of me working and he would shun me.

I don't think I every been total happy with any places I work. Sure I showed up at work and put on the act.
Always had high regard from supervisors. I work places every so often they would fill out a progress report and I would have high scores.
But soon as I left the place I would feel like great relief been lifted.
I felt like I would clasp into total exhaustion mostly emotional and mental.
So at time I would medicate my self.
The only area in jobs I had which called for problem solving or creativity I seem to enjoy. Maybe I enjoy a challenge in life.
Both of my parents taught me how to mange money. Statement time...One doesn't need to spend there whole pay check.
So now both hubby and I can manage on less then most. We're living right now on about $800 a month and still set a $100 to $200 a side just for those just in-case things.

This way of thinking I may have a pretty twist attitude. Statement time....I save money back just in case someone higher up in work ranks acts really up and I just walk off a job.
No I know there also so much shit in life but when it gets up above a certain point one needs to take a stand.
Longs as there been bigots. Even my family has them. I recall my Grandma Olive having a strong prejudiced against the Irish and Italians she would tell people including me “Don't get involved with an Irishman or Italian there pretty much worthless”.
Well at times I do Genealogy. I was digging up what dirt I could fine on the “Shirley” side. I possible found her Grandfather “John Shirley” came over from Ireland about the time of the Potato famine. Possible had to stay in a place such as a debtor prison.

But anther funny thing she married a man with and Irish last name. They where married for 60 years and had a whole bunch of kids,12 of them.
Statement time...I guess we can't get away from those smiling Irish eyes.
Editor note...I'm sure this is pretty much the fact but I try to get three sources so I can have backup to my claims. I just need one more.


  1. A good friend of mine carefully explained that the purpose of having children was so you could go play on the playground equipment without anyone giving you funny looks. Of course, now I need grand kids to get the same cart blanch.

  2. Great take on both of these themes, its fun to get creative and just play :)

  3. You would really have a fit about me, I do lots on projects and things in this little room I live in.

    The whole work thing got to pissing me off because you just can't seem to please others anymore so I retired. I still work off and on but they know I'm not going to put up with any shit cuz I just don't give a shit about them and their money.

  4. Creativity is also playing with different materials or ideas.

  5. Playing leads to creativity, these themes work so well together.


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