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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend Photo Hunt (artificial-fresh)

For a while they use the term artificial inflated but I haven't heard that term for a while. I guess everything is inflated unless it free.
I was fantasying if I could use some crayon and make some artificial money to buy next time we fill up...”Statement time...oh I guess that would be counterfeiting”
We made some fresh snags in our yard so the birds could enjoy. But now I should be getting some type of bird book so I can know which birds I'm looking at. I know a few birds but not many.

Next weekend photo hunt theme will be animal and or awesome

I been still slowly or maybe a little faster then a snail pace doing ceramics. One thing not using my pour table in casting ceramics sure puts me at a disadvantage. I'm limited to what I can cast. So until I get my pour table clean out. I believe I found some what of a way of improving the quality of my castings. So this way I can possible add more stuff like mugs.
I don't know if they don't make decent air compressor or not. But there been time to pull greenware from a mold an air compressor comes in handy.
Because one of our trips to the dump there where quite a few air compressor there.
Between rains I been trying to get out and do some walking if it's not a straight down pour I'll take an umbrella. It seem not many people around here don't use one. I guess there not popular around here, oh well. 
I took Murphette down to Sandpoint to do some shopping. Statement time...I have to say I'm a little worried about her she had this M.R.I and she came was just sobbing because it was so painful.
Personal I've never had an M.RI but know quite a few people who had them. It seem to me it more of mind thing.
But I won't say anymore until we know something.
I was looking though the check book register and was kind of wanting to inquiry on what we spend on food. So I check out Safeway, Harvest foods, Super one, and Walmart. It look like we spend about $300.00
But I know that's not a true picture because part of Safeway is Starbucks and the only time I'm in there is when I take Faith shopping. Plus the walmart run wasn't all food either. Like I got my self some pair of shoes.
I have to say anyone of our shopping at these store is more then food. One thing people don't eat toilet paper and if they didn't eat one wouldn't have to get any...right?

Hubby and I went in and picked up our Taxes from the accountant. Well we got a good size refund from the federal and little bit back form the state.
The only reason we got a decent return was because of Bart. He is in college and it was to both of our advantage to use him in our tax return.
Plus the accountant advise us to go that way and I figure he knew more then all of us put together.
So we will send him some cash his way.
If it wasn't for Bart we would of paid in about $1,300 for my social security part for the company I work for.
If any of you are wondering why I pay instead of the company. This company is sat up as if I was a contractor worker. So I handle all the tax crap.
Some may even ask. Why claim it? I thought of doing it but the company books got audited and of course they had the social security numbers for all the employers. Then they also end up getting audited. A chain reaction.
Not sure what we will do with our tax return but one thing I know Murphy want to get the snow blower fixed or purchase anther one.
Shoveling snow is a pain.
There a few things I would like to get. Some more bulbs and flowers. Plus more fencing material so we could put in an fruit orchard. “Those darn critters”
But of course there things like property taxes, rig and house insurance that needs to be paid.


  1. I don't much care what kind of birds they are as long as they are birds. What is that white shit on bird shit? More bird shit.

    Gas here is $4.08 a gallon, cost me 72 bucks to fill up the other day.

    Do most of my shopping at Safeway.

  2. Your fresh shot is a great one - I don't know about you but I'm seeing far more birds around the usual. it really would be nice to know what I was hearing and seeing. *smile*

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I am waiting for the hummingbirds to appear any day now.
    Thanks for keeping things Fresh at The Saturday PhotoHunt.
    I hope to see y'all next Saturday... it'll be Awesome~

  4. It is lovely to recognise all the different birds that visit. I know you will enjoy identifying them all :-)


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